Monday, August 18, 2014

Summer is for fun.

Ok, I think I've blogged enough about me. For now, at least. 

You're probably thinking: What about Kennedy??? What has she been doing while here mom is off having the time of her life with her girlfriends? Poor little girl. Her mom is just playing around like she has no responsibilities, and Kennedy is probably sitting at home, cleaning up all of her mom's messes.

Well don't you worry your pretty little head about that. Kennedy's summer hasn't sucked even a little bit.

First, backing up a few months to the end of May, we made sure to go to the color festival again, with Ashley and the girls. It was fun. And chalky.

And then what was miss K doing while here mom was out gallivanting in Las Vegas?  Oh, she was just in Jackson Hole with her friend, riding horses and playing non-stop. NBD.

And what better way to start your summer (and to end your school year) than to have your favorite cousins come all the way from Bali to visit you?!  (This is a picture of the first day of 4th grade vs. the last day of 4th grade. How great is it that these girls happened to be with her on both days? I love seeing the contrast in much they've all grown!!)

After school ended, it was Kennedy's 10th birthday!! (I am still trying to convince her that she's only 8, but she won't have any of it.) We had some friends come over (with her cousins) for a little surprise party. :)

For her actual birthday, we spent the entire day at Lagoon with my brother and his family. What a fun day!!

Not long after her birthday, she was able to spend a full week at girl scout camp. I was so proud of her for going!

 She made some really good friends and had SUCH a fun time.

I was definitely glad to have her back, though!!

We have also spent lots of time together as a family. 
We have had some fun family nights out to dinner.

And friend movie nights out.

And late nights out. (She still pretends to be asleep so Casey will carry her to and from the car. He gives in every time.)

And crazy Costco trips.

And we find some really useful and fun stuff at yard sales on Saturday mornings.

So yes. Kennedy has certainly had her fair share of fun. But wait- there's more!  Want to know what she does ALL day long while mom is busy at work?

 Oh, just a little of this.

And some of this.

 And a whole lotta this.

With a bunch of these.

Fun, right? All day, every day, she gets to play with kids- swimming, watching movies, playing at the park, doing crafts, going hiking, etc. I love that she is able to do this all the time with her daily summer camp. Happy kid = happy mom.

And this beautiful little Kennedy of mine is so sweet, that when her mom complains of having sore feet after a long day of work, she gives her a full-on foot massage and spa treatment.

The only bit of sadness we've had all summer is when Kennedy's best friend(s) from across the street moved out of state.  :(  It was such a sad goodbye.  The good thing is that they moved to Las Vegas, where we have family. So we will definitely be going to visit them- soon!!

We have had so much fun this summer and are sad to see it end! Just one more week until school starts. Boo. But don't worry- we don't plan on stopping the fun. We are already planning some weekend getaways to vegas (to visit family/friends), camping trips, and lots and lots of skiing. Bring it on, life!


the mom said...

Happy granddaughter = happy daughter = happy mom.

What a fun-filled summer for Kennedy - probably her very best yet. I'm so glad she is enjoying being a kid.

Brandon said...

So much fun! Summers sound like a blast for all of you. I'm glad we could spend some of it with you this year. :)

Jennifer said...

I've enjoyed reading through all your new blog posts! It was fun to spend so much time with you and your amazing family and friends (both old and new) this year too! Your amazing life greatly enriches our own. So happy for you, and us, hehe. :)

Irene said...

I have surely enjoyed all the posts you have made lately. Yes it had been way to long since you brought us up to date.
I can see your life is fun filled with good friends and great family and wonderful opportunities. I'm thrilled for you that your life is fulfilling.
Love you sweet granddaughter