Sunday, August 17, 2014

Oh hey guys.

Hi there.

Yeah, it's me.  Oh you forgot? I don't blame you.

Well let me remind you.

Hi. I'm Ashley. I used to blog all of the time.  It's been a while.




I'm trying to start up again.

And I have a lot to catch up on....and it might take a while.

A while meaning.... a few separate blog posts. I've posted 2 already (right before this one), and I'll be posting a few more here and there over the next few days. Maybe even weeks. No promises, though.

So sit back. Grab some popcorn. Or sushi. Or chocolate. Or ice cream. Or a Big Mac (I don't judge). Put the rest of your life on hold. And waste some of your precious time on this oh-so-intriguing and edifying blog about my life.



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