Sunday, August 17, 2014

How lucky am I?

While we're on the subject of girlfriends, I'm going to take a second and just say how much love I have in my heart for all of my amazing girlfriends.  First, they take me on a fun trip to Vegas. 

Next, these sweet, thoughtful, beautiful friends throw me a cute bridal shower. And my amazing new sister in-law surprised me and flew in from Vegas so she could be there!

My darling cousin even drove down for the festivities.

And these beautiful ladies, who I've been friends with for ages, also came out to join us! It made me so happy!

I felt so much love from everyone who helped out and showed up! I loved every minute of it.

Next, 2 of my darling friends agreed to do my hair and makeup for the wedding, so we made an excuse for all of us to get together again, so we could do a 'trial' hair and makeup evening. (Not like we needed an excuse- but it makes our men be a little more understanding.) And eat food and drink, of course.

Then, when my friends aren't celebrating ME, we still decide to get together for no reason at all.

Sometimes we just go spend the night in Park City. (And get photobombed.)

 Sometimes we go to concerts.

And see pretty rainbows.

Sometimes we just get together. Just because. (Gosh, I love these girls.)

 Then sometimes we get together because it's the 4th of July.

And sometimes, we just get together and forget to take pictures. Last night we just sat around playing board games while we ate, drank, and laughed. It's always a good time, no matter what we do.

I really don't know how I got so lucky to have such amazing women in my life. They are all such incredibly strong, independent, smart, kind, and beautiful ladies and I feel so lucky to call them my friends. Every single one of them.


the mom said...

You are exceedingly lucky. As are all your girlfriends, for having you in their circle as well. It pleases me immeasurably that you have such rich friendships. Happy mom.

Brandon said...

Very lucky indeed, not only that you have such great friends but that you recognize that you're lucky, are grateful for them, and appreciate your experiences together. Isn't that a big part of what life is for?