Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Boats and concerts and stuff.

Do you know what is fun? Boating. Do you know what is even more fun? Having friends who own boats who like to invite you. What is even better than that is when you really really like these friends. BONUS.

We've gone with these amazing friends up to Echo Lake a few times this year, and it has been marvelous.  

I actually even got up on the wakeboard, last time we we went! Go me!

Casey did, too! I don't have a picture of it. But here is his beautiful face, anyway.

The girls.

The crew. A/k/a our adopted family. They are so much fun!!

And finally, the sexy couple.

Another thing we've had fun doing this summer is going to concerts.

Michael Franti at Usana! He was a great performer. Love his music.

I also went with some other friends to Red Butte to see Sarah McLachlan. She was great! (And what a cool venue.)

And ok, this may not have been in the summer. But it was this year. And we loved it. I am sooo in love with Ingrid. She put on such a fun show. And her voice is flawless.

We've also taken a few hikes up the canyon to enjoy the fresh mountain air.

Maddie kinda likes it.  Just a little.

This summer has flown by.  I'm guessing it's mostly because the first half of the summer was spent planning and then having a wedding- and then a honeymoon!! (Blog post(s) coming soon!)


Brandon said...

Glad you had fun. I've been waterskiing a couple times, but I'm picky about the water being calm enough and warm enough, so I don't get sea sick and freezing. :) Love mountain hikes, though.

Jennifer said...

Sounds like a fun summer! Emily and I just finished listening to some Ingrid Michaelson in your honor. Fun style!