Thursday, May 5, 2011

Remember that one time?

Remember when I used to blog more than twice a month?

And remember when my brother and his family came into town in March and I was going to blog more about it and post more pictures? And remember when I didn't do that?

Yeah, me too. Because I was looking through my picture folders and I stumbled across these gems. So here are some pictures from when they came to visit. A lot of pictures. I apologize in advance if there are too many. ... But really, who am I kidding? My family is so good-looking. There's no such thing as "too many" pictures. Psh.

We'll start off with the sweet little girls.

Sooo sweet...
Next we have my super sexy husband rocking his 70's porn 'stache (which he has since shaved AND he has since cut his hair, FYI). Lucky for me, he looks good either way.

And then, of course, back to the little blondies, who wasted no time in finding the princess dress-ups.
...and then jumped off the stairs like the cheerleading, butterfly, fairy princesses they are.I got in touch with my inner princess and dressed up, as well. Although, since none of the princess dresses fit me, the girls kindly picked out this glamorous grassy gown for me.
And next we have Brandon teaching our grandpa how to use an iPad. (Feel free to insert your own 'teaching an old dog new tricks' joke here)

...and back to the girls. They're holding their Valentines to remind you that these pictures were taken like 3 months ago and that I'm a slacker. Thanks a lot, girls.
And this is my most favorite picture. Ever. Marie has officially gone mad. Oh, I love this girl.
Meanwhile, my big brother was trying to prove that he could still pick me up. Success. BARELY.
And finally, a picture with our beautiful (and fabulous) grandmother.
But I still have no idea where the girls get their craziness from.

To quote the late Carey Grant, "Insanity runs in my family...It practically gallops!"


the mom said...

LOLOL to Marie going mad. She does look completely crazed in that photo!

Fun times - wish I could have been there. I, for one, am glad you posted these even if it is a bit late. Like I have room to talk... I'm still working on finishing up my final post from our trip to Costa Rica in January!

And yes, great looking family :)

the mom said...

And you really rock the green grass dress. I remember that 70s dress and loved the pattern on it....

Jennifer said...

Such fun photos! Thank you for posting them. I love the way the girls look in their princess costumes. So much fun to spend time together. :)

Michelle said...

I love all the pictures! Especially the ones of you and Brandon with Irene.

You look so good in that green dress.

Irene said...

I'm SO HAPPY you posted these pictures, they bring back lovely memories. I know Nannny would wish she had looked so great in that green grass dress:-)
I sure love my grand and great grand kids, they are so good looking and oh so fun..not to mention how smart and creative they are.THANKS fro posting.Yes I do remember that one time!!

Brandon said...

Great photos! We had such a fun time with with you guys. Thanks for the memories. My favorite caption is where you mentioned fairly butterfly cheerleaders. Lol.

paul said...

great pics. It looks like the girls have a great time together. You really do have a good looking family. The fact that you all get along and actually enjoy each other is a great thing too.

Sara said...

Looks like you had a great time! I love seeing all the pics. :)

Sarah Jane said...

yay! you're posting again. your brother brandon has some crazy faces, i wonder where his daughters get it from! :)