Friday, April 22, 2011


In case you hadn't noticed, I haven't posted in almost forever.
Why? Same excuse as always. I'm too dang busy. Or lazy. Whatever. Tomatoes, tomahtoes.

So I'll bring you up to speed with my oh so exciting life:

I got a new job. Kind of. My old company merged into a new one. building, new office, new company... but the same people, same work. Nice and boring.

Mother nature is a tease. She gives us beautiful 65 degree sunny weather, and then she makes it snow 4 inches the next day. And then rain like crazy for 2 weeks. Welcome to springtime in Utah, Ashley.

Kennedy got bangs, and they are reeeeeeally cute. See?

I need a vacation. Soon. I don't expect sympathy. Perhaps empathy, though. Because I am pretty sure that each of you needs a vacation just as badly.

Kennedy has a boyfriend named Gage. She loves him. I know this because I see little post-it notes all over the house which say so.

Modern Family is probably the most hilarious show on television. And probably one of the best shows that has EVER been on television. Phil is my favorite character. And Gloria. And Luke. And Manny. Ok, they're all my favorites.

I need a good book. And not just a "Yes, that was a good book." type of book, but an "OH MY GOSH THAT BOOK WAS SO AMAZING!!" book. Any recommendations?
... that is, if I can find the time to read it.


Anonymous said...

If you find an "OH MY GOSH THAT WAS SO AMAZING" book-let me know. I need one as well. And a vacation. But I did just take one. Although, you did too. I guess we won't get sympathy from anyone huh? I LOVE Kennedy's bangs! I wish I could pull off bangs. Maybe in 10 pounds I can...
I'm glad you finally posted something. The blogging world has been so boring lately!

Brandon said...

So nice to hear an update from you, Ashley. Kennedy looks cute with her bangs.

As for good books, what's awesome for one person isn't always awesome for another. But if you haven't read 4-Hour Workweek, it can be pretty life changing. :) The Power of Less by Leo Babauta is also excellent if you're looking for making the most of what little time you seem to have. But probably my favorite book I've read in the last couple years is Happy for No Reason. You're already a pretty happy person, though. :)

Jennifer said...

I've just been super tired lately, and I can't seem to find ambition to do very much. I'll just blame it on pregnancy. I don't even want a vacation! However, that may be because I'm still trying to recover from my last one. Lol!

All I feel like doing is sitting around reading. So, that's what I did today. :) Just a book about birth though, so probably not what you are looking for.

Yes, Kennedy's bangs are very, very cute.

Irene said...

So happy to see and read your post. You always make me smile. :-)
Kennedy looks just DARLING in bangs, but then she does look darling in everything.
I hope your new job is going well. With so many people out of work's a blessing to have one and nice people to work with.
I don't seem to get much just reading for pleasure so I can't he;p upu out with a good book.
Hang in there until you get another vacation :-)

Sarah Jane said...

i love the new bangs. i love bangs.

i also need a vacation. bad.

good books: water for elephants. Snow flower and the secret fan. Little Bee. Sunset Park. Half a life. So much for that. something borrowed.

(that should be enough, right?)

Sara B. Larson said...

Kennedy's bangs are so cute! And I agree on the schizo weather, ugh. I am done with it. I want warmth!!

Smiley Family said...

I hear ya - life is too busy to blog. But I really try to make time, since it is the only journal that I keep for my kids. Anyway, it sure was nice to see you guys a few weeks back. Kennedy really is adorable, with or without the bangs! Books? I'm in a book club so I should be able to recommend something, but my mind has I gone. I do remember one that I really liked - "These Is My Words".

Michelle said...

Nice to hear from you! I haven't posted in a long time either. Chris and I are currently reading the Game of Thrones books and loving them. If you like being transported into another world with feuding families, knights, a 300 mile wall of ice for protection against unknown creatures, a little magic and a bit of incest....then this is your series.

Ashley Rae said...

Ooh, Michelle- I'm all about those fantasy books that have nothing to do with reality. I may have to start the series. Thanks :)

Chris said...

Hi Ashley, I haven't checked your blog in forever, good to hear from you! I recommend "Nothing Happens until it Happens to You" by TM Shine about a dude who just lost his job and takes a bunch of odd jobs. It is literally LOL funny and a nice escape. I hope your weather up there is improving??

paul said...

Modern Family is the greatest show ever. And I would really like to recomend a book but I havn't read one since grade school (almost 50 years ago). As far as a vacation, we're a cheap destination and I loved the post it story.

the mom said...

I simply love seeing that you've posted a new blog. It makes me happy.

You make me happy. Kennedy and her bangs and her post it notes make me happy.

And I'm happy to hear about a new book series... I may have to check into Game of Thrones for my upcoming travel... that seems to be the only time I really have to read for pleasure - at airports and on long plane rides.

Sounds like Jen needs a vacation from vacations :)

Ashley Rae said...

@Paul- visiting you would be a wonderful getaway... perhaps we'll have to plan that one soon.

@mom- I just started reading Water for Elephants. So far, very good.

@Chris- thanks for the recommendation! I will pick up that one next :)

Kaija said...

Those bangs make her look so grownup! Cute! As for the Modern Family....its my obsession. I dont go anywhere on Wednesdays because I LovE the Middle and Modern Fam. LOVE LOVE! kinda reminds me of Arrested Dev....if I remember right, you liked that too huh! I miss it! Hey Brother!

Ashley Rae said...

"" LOL. Thanks, Kaija. Love(d) that show...