Thursday, March 17, 2011

A few things

My brother and his family were in town last weekend. They are now gone and I miss them. A lot. Boo.

Before they arrived, since we knew they were going to sleep downstairs, we figured it was time to fix the shower...which involved busting a huge hole through the wall.

We will probably end up patching the hole about a week before we decide to sell the house. Because that's how we roll.

Luckily they weren't bothered by the massive hole and were just thankful that the shower worked.

Later, since the weather was actually warmer than 50 degrees, we carpe diem-ed and went to the Gateway.

The girls played in the fountains.

And got really wet.

We forced Brandon to try on some new clothes, which was a bit out of his comfort zone.

But he looked awesome.
(He got the shirt. But he ended up getting a different pair of pants, which look equally as studly.)

I have more pictures, but I will have to upload them later. I like to keep you in suspense. I'm mean like that.

Do you know why else I'm mean? Because I show you pictures like this:

You're welcome.


melanie33 said...

rude. and just for that, i refuse your super mom request.

p.s. it's nothing a brownie of my very own couldn't fix.

Anonymous said...

Is that a famous "judge brownie"?

Jennifer said...

That was such a fun day of shopping, playing, and being together. :) Yes, Brandon looks very studly in his new clothes. Loved the shower!! And the bed!! And the fun talks, movies, games, food, etc. Thank you! We miss you guys!

Brandon Pearce said...

I can't believe you posted that picture of me in those tight pants! (Way too tight...) But I really like the ones I ended up buying. Thanks for taking me shopping to help upgrade my wardrobe out of the 80's. :)

It was so fun to be with you guys. Thanks for everything! I'm so looking forward to when we can get together again.

Sara said...

I. Want. That. Brownie. The end.

Also, sorry about the hole in your wall. You guys are too funny.

P.S. Weren't your girls freezing?? I mean, I know 50's is like summer around here, but still... brr!

the mom said...

You know, mean is never a word that comes to mind when I think of you.

Except, perhaps, when you post photos of Jvdge brownies instead of shipping them off to me.

So glad you guys were able to spend that fun time together.

Sarah said...

I want that brownie!!!!

Sarah Jane said...

so glad you had fun with your brother in town. and that brownie looks evil but delicious.