Saturday, December 27, 2008

Kennedy-isms. And then some. Warning: quite a bit of "some."

K: Can I have my barbie?
A: You have to say the magic word...
K: ... uh ...
A: It starts with a 'P.'

While sitting in the back seat of our car, next to some of our friends, she turns to one of them (Austin) and says matter-of-factly:
"Sometimes we have to toot."

K: What is Santa bringing you for Christmas?
A: (realizing we didn't buy any mom/dad gifts from Santa) Um... Santa sometimes only brings presents to little kids.
K: Well what if Daddy wants a new yo-yo because his breaks? Or a flashlight? Or what if you want some new tights? Or a new dress??

K: Dad, say "guess what!"
J: Guess what.
K: Chicken's butt!! Haha!
J: That's pretty funny, Kennedy.
K: Yeah, my brain thought it and he's laughing.

...[And then some:]

So...Santa is now on MY naughty list, since he didn't give me even ONE thing on my list. We'll see if he gets milk and cookies, next year. Or maybe I will make them but I'll put ex-lax in them. Hm... Well, even though Santa fell short, we did get some cool presents from family, like games and awesome art work and moolah, which is always appreciated.

At least Santa made Kennedy very happy. Our house is now, thanks partly to him, chuck-full of Barbies and the many accessories that go with them. She has been playing with them pretty much non-stop since Thursday.

(Just ignore the barf-red-brown-orange-colored carpet... You know you're jealous.)
See how happy he made her? Ok, I guess I can't be TOO mad at him.

We had a fun Christmas. Santa, like I said, gave Kennedy some barbies (Barbie and the Diamond Castle Barbies), and the Barbie and the Diamond Castle movie, and then she was uber excited when we went to Nana and Papa's (aka Justin's folks) house that evening, because they gave her THE Barbie Diamond Castle castle. And the Barbie-Diamond-Castle horse and carriage. And the Barbie-Diamond-Castle prince and other princess. And a few more super cool things, as if that weren't enough.

And to make the night even MORE sensational, her boyfriend/fiance Jackson came over for a visit and brought over another barbie for her! These two kids are so in love with each other, it's not even funny. Ok, it kind of is. She tells me all the time that she's going to marry him. And that they're going to have 4 babies. I tell her she can't even think about getting married until she's 30. Maybe even 40. We'll see. But they sure look cute together, don't you think?

They had a play-date last week. Jackson's mom took them out to lunch and a movie, and then they were having so much fun that they had a sleep-over where they stayed up talking until midnight (what do 4 yr-olds possibly have to talk about??). And the next day, Jackson came to our house to play all day. They both sacrifice with each other in the boy/girl toys department- she'll play Transformers with him if they can play "House." She was the mommy Transformer and he was the little boy Transformer. Good compromising skills.

Ok, back to Christmas presents. My mother gave Kennedy a very awesome and unique present: a doorway puppet theater! Suh-weet, right? We've have had a lot of fun with it. Here is Kennedy putting a show on for me, with her barbies, of course.

The dialogue went something like this:
B1: Um, hello.
B2: Hi.
B1: How are you?
B2: I'm fine. How are you?
B1: Good. Do you wanna play with me?
B2: Sure!
B1: Ok. Let's go play!
B2: Ok.

I gave it two thumbs up and a standing ovation.

What did YOU get for Christmas?


the mom said...

Your Kennedy-isms are my favorite posts lately. She is just a crack up. PIG!

You have been completely invaded by barbie princesses.

I love seeing her with Jackson - she looks like she's going to squeeze the stuffing out of him - so happy to be with him. I bet a recording of their midnight chat would be a riot....

And, um.... where the heck is the video of Kennedy's dance recital???

Irene said...

Oh soo funny and cute. I almost felt like I was there with you, enjoying all that went on.

Sara said...

She is too funny - I love all the Kennedy-isms. I love when Brad says funny stuff, they just crack you up don't they?? Looks like she had a good Christmas. Sorry Santa bailed on you. Darn man in red! ;-) Hope you have a happy new year!

Shopgirl1483 said...

first of all I had to laugh at the Barbie dialogue. Very cute.

And in 26 more years, I can't wait to go to Kennedy and Jacksons wedding. How crazy will that be?

and lastly, what is a barbie diamond castle? I assume it's the thing she's playing with in the picture, yes?

even though santa didn't bring you everything on your list it looks like you had a great christmas! Maybe we'll see you on NYE?! Cheers!!

Kaija said...

Ashley I am sorry you didn't get those tights and pretty dress you wanted! (How sweet of kennedy to think of you wanting something!)
I am so glad she is playing with barbies! Here I thought those ugly bratz dolls were taking over! Every girl needs a good barbie and castle to play with :)

Jennifer said...

Yes, Kennedy and Jackson are adorable. I certainly hope their love lasts!

melanie33 said...

What did I get for christmas? World peace. for all of one second before someone had to go and screw it up again. (i blame my children.)
oh well, there is always next year.

Kristin said...

Kennedy is hilarious. The things she comes up with just make me laugh out loud. Her expression in that first picture is priceless.

Lindsey said...

Kennedy is such a cutie! She has the prettiest hair. She is so funny!

Sorry to hear that you didnt get anything you wanted for christmas. Maybe you were naughty this year. You will have to try for next year I guess.