Tuesday, December 30, 2008

For your viewing pleasure. Or whatever.

As most of you know, my talented husband, Justin, is in a band. Their music is super awesome. How awesome, you ask? So awesome, in fact, that I am posting one of their songs (a music video) on here. Not only will this please your auditory senses, but it will possibly confuse/humor/frighten/entertain your visual senses, as well.

I give you the unofficial music video for "Where We Stand"
Music by Vicious Starfish
Video by the drummer and his girlfriend.

Warning: ... uh ... well, just watch it.

Oh- the blue hair is a wig, in case you were concerned.

And also, speaking of videos, I've been having complications uploading Kennedy's dance video. Quite frustrating, actually. Hopefully I'll have it up by this weekend. (So says the idiot.)


the mom said...

Auditory senses - pleased

visual senses - umm..... confused.... then alarmed.... then confused again... then amused.

Ashley Rae said...

LOL- yeah, that's about how it was for me when I first saw it.

Michelle said...

Very cool

and lol to your mom's comments.

Schwartz Family said...

LOL I don't care what you call it, That's talent right there!

The band sounds good!

Raising Helm said...

When will your music video grace our presence??? I know you are full of talent and humor...I'll be waiting for the day.

Amanda said...

Ummmm....never mind....no comment!?????

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