Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Festivus - the holiday for the restofus.

Ok, so not really Festivus, but still fun, nonetheless.

Exhibit A

Gingerbread pieces.

Exhibit B

Construction workers. (Very cute ones)

Exhibit C

Interior/Exterior decorator.
Exhibit D

Crazy home buyers.

The final product:

And since we can never get enough of each other... last weekend we braved the cold night air and went to see the lights at Temple Square. (That totally rhymed. I rock.)

Merry Christmas to all of you!! (Or happy holidays, happy Hanukkah, season's greetings, etc, to those of you who do not celebrate this now very commercialized holiday.)

I love you all and thanks for your comments and also for your wonderful blogs which I love to read!


the mom said...

It turned out so cute! I'll bet Kennedy had a complete blast decorating this. I wonder if she'll actually leave the candy pieces on it this year...

Kristin said...

Love the new house!

Merry Christmas!

Jennifer said...

You guys did such a cute gingerbread house! I Love that cute picture at temple square too! It was really fun to get together with you guys tonight at Grandpa's!

shereesa said...

You crazy kids! I'm glad to see you got your house for christmas

Anonymous said...

I loved seeing the fun pictures and comments. I can see tht Kennedy had a fun time decorating the gingerbread house. You're making some great memories.

Shopgirl1483 said...

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!!

Schwartz Family said...

Hope you had a great christmas!! And that house is adorable, Looks like Kennedy enjoyed decorating it. She's got her momma's talent!

Angelique Archuleta said...

That gingerbread house is way too pretty, I think you went and bought one finished and just stuck it in the photo! Good job. Ours wouldn't even stand up last year, so I didn't bother this year:)