Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Fun in Sun Valley

Having a significant other has its obvious benefits...
like having someone to go to sleep with and wake up next to every day 
and always having someone to reassure you "Yes, I promise you look great, honey" 
and having someone leave the toilet seat up (which I'm telling myself is a benefit, because it reminds me that he puts up with my hair in the drain and my bobby pins all over the place)...  
and being able to annoy the same person for the rest of your life... 
and having said person annoy YOU for the rest of your life... 
But one benefit that wasn't quite so obvious to me was gaining all of Casey's wonderful friends! 
AND one great benefit of having these cool new friends is getting to take mini weekend getaway trips!
A few weeks ago, we went up to Sun Valley, Idaho with some of these fabulous friends to enjoy the great outdoors with some fresh air and sunshine. (While it was still kind of warm. Because as I am currently typing this, it's a balmy 24 degrees outside. Uggghhh.)  I had never been to Sun Valley, but I'd heard about how beautiful it was and was excited to see it for myself. I was not disappointed. 

We stayed at a friend's friend's house (huge house) up there, and each family had their own bedroom, which was pretty dang convenient.

Kennedy was beside herself with excitement because she got to sleep above us on the top bunk.

We took advantage of the gorgeous scenery and fall weather by going on a bike ride!

Aw, cute family.

The leaves were showing off the colors of autumn in all their splendor and glory.

Riding a single-gear bike is hard. It also promotes heavy complaining from 10 year old girls. (But she made it to the end without dying, much to her surprise.)

Back at the house/cabin, Kennedy fell in love. With this little 1 yr old angel named Malia. She carried her around everywhere Malia would let her. It was adorable.

And uncle Casey got some quality reading time in with our darling nieces. 

Kennedy showed Casey her mad bball skillz.

We went shopping in the town, and Kennedy "babysat" Malia.
"Mom- it feels like she's my little sister! I love it!"
... I'm getting a lot of pressure from this little girl to pop out another one. Not yet, babe. Not yet.

A big chair.

These two again, though. Right? Seriously inseparable. If this is how easy it will be for me to have another kid, I might consider it. Eventually.

On the last day of the weekend, the whole clan (almost the whole clan) went for a bike ride to go get some grub in town. What a fun group of people.

And Kennedy was able to borrow a 21-speed bike for the ride. There was a lot less complaining. And also no dying.

We had such a FUN weekend. I think we may just have to do this annually!


Irene said...

What a fun trip. I can testify how wonderful it is to have great and lasting friendships. You are truly blessed. Loved seeing the photos. My she is getting so grown up. So fun to see how great Kennedy is with little ones.

the mom said...

The no dying is a boon.

The yellow trees are gorgeous!

Kennedy is adorable. And will be a good big sister when the time comes. No pressure here :)

You are so great at sharing an entertaining narrative of your life. I want to be 32 again and be your friend and hang out with you guys.

Ashley Rae said...

That would be wonderful, mom! I would love to have you in our friend group. You should just start hanging out with us all of the time, anyway :)

Brandon said...

So fun! A what a lovely place. I miss the Fall. And I miss you. Looking forward to another adventure together in some beautiful place. :)