Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Tuesday shenanigans

I usually put my Christmas tree up the weekend of Thanksgiving. However, since this year we were in Vegas with 
(and since they're so adorable, here's a closer picture of
)  <-- this is not a typo. I'm closing my parentheses, thank you.

prepared by 
we weren't home to trim the tree. 

So we did it today, instead. 
After I OCD-ing-ly (it's a word.) strung the lights, Miss K adorned the tree with all of our beautiful ornaments (I may or may not have given into my obsessive-neurotic tendencies and rearranged most of them after she went to bed...). 

This is probably favorite ornament- a flying pig. (Compliments of my wonderful mother.)

Maddie was feeling a bit left out, so she asked us to decorate her, too. She was much happier after that. 

Ta da!

Happy December and Merry Christmas!!


the mom said...

Your Thanksgiving meal looks like it was spectacularly delicious. And I know the company is always great.

Your tree is glorious. I, too, love the pig LOL

And LOL to your OCDing on the lights and ornament rearranging. You may or may not have gotten that from your mother. And I don't know if it is genetic (from my fathers side of the family) or learned........ but either way, the results are beautiful.

paul said...

Looks like you had a great thanksgiving. We had some friends in from charlotte NC and one of them decorated our tree. We haven't moved a thing. Years of therapy.