Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Things that happened

Oh, hi there. Here are some things that have happened recently.

Halloween happened.

Kennedy was a U of U zombie cheerleader:

I was a zebra and Casey was a devil ghost guy:

Maddie was Queen of the leaf piles on our lawn:

 And I made Oreo pumpkin treats. Yum.

The Ute game happened.

The Ashleyes posed for a picture.

The 4 of us posed for another picture.

We paid tribute to the Veterans by "oooh"-ing and "aaahh"-ing at the flag and balloons.

This super amazing gorgeous sunset happened. (It kind of makes up for the fact that we lost the game.)

My birthday happened. 

We went out to dinner with a whole bunch of my friends. Whom I love dearly.

Hello friends!

Hello, sexy fiancé!

Kennedy's school picture happened.

And I almost died because she looks like she's 15.

Flowers happened.

My amazing man bought me these lovely flowers. *SNIFFFFFF* Yum.

My garden happened.

Fresh lavender. From my garden. *SNIFFFFFF* Yum, again.

Some wedding planning happened.

We found our wedding location! And here is a sneak peak...

And finally - 

Our dog learning to play "Fetch" happened.

And she wanted to play it. Over, and over. And over.

Really badly.

And I have a hard time saying "no" to that face. So I obliged. 


Brandon said...

Fun times! Those cookies look good. :) Casey's looking good, too! And of course you look stunning in your zebra costume. Lots of looking good in this post.

Jennifer said...

I love those flowers, both from Casey and from your garden. Wow! I also want to eat some of those cookies because they look really delicious and I am very hungry right now. Thank you for sharing those beautiful photos and sharing your goings on. :) It is a joy to behold, as always!