Friday, November 8, 2013

Hashtag latergram hashtag fall

For the technologically impaired folk out there (not that there's anything wrong with that), I'd like to explain a few things before I continue on with my blog post. 

First of all, I'd like to welcome you to the interweb. And also to my blog, which I am resolving to update more regularly due to super high demand. (Meaning one or two people have been highly demanding it of me.)

Second, if you were not aware, there is a social networking program of late called Instagram. It is similar Facebook (if you don't know what that is you might be living under a rock, and I am not sure how to help you), but instead of sharing opinions, game requests, and drama, you only share photos. Which is quite nice. It is generally used for real-time photo sharing, like "[insert picture of food] this is what I am having for lunch! #lunch #tacos".  (Hashtags ("#"), which are widely overused and can be highly annoying, are ways to link to other pictures which contain the same hashtagged word so you can search for them.) However, if you decide to post a picture from an earlier time, perhaps because you forgot to post it in real-time, you would post the picture and include the hashtag of "#latergram." For example "[insert picture of lunch from last week] This food was disgusting! #latergram #grossfood #mademesick". 

The reason I am telling you all of this is because of the title of my blog post. I am posting a blog entry about something that happened a little while ago. (But not so long ago that I have to label it as a "throwback," which generally only get posted on Thursdays (a/k/a "#tbt" or "throwback Thursday").) Therefore, this blog post is so appropriately entitled "#latergram" and "#fall".

So. If I haven't lost you with all of my blabbing, now I will continue on with my post. With an annoyingly excessive use of hashtags. Because they are annoying. (#hashtagsareannoying)

A few weeks ago (#latergram), Casey (#fiance) and I went for a little hike (#hiking) with our cute puppy (#goldenretriever #madisonsparkleprice) to enjoy the beautiful changing leaves (#fall).

It was gorgeous. I really love the beauty of this state. I think I take it for granted all too often. (#utah #beautiful #nature)

Maddie was so happy to be out and enjoying the fresh mountain air. (#tongue #happydog)

Seriously! Stunning (#stunning). I wish I had brought my better camera because my iPhone camera simply doesn't do it justice. (#camera #firstworldproblems)

And of course we had to take a picture of ourselves, for posterity. (#selfie #cutecouple #price2014)

Two posts within 24 hours?!? I think I'm on a roll. (#onaroll)


the mom said...

LOL... I think you knew I needed this Instagram and hashtag lesson. #over50

I will resolve to use hashtags frequently enough to get on your nerves. #createdamonster and make them long enough that they are totally useless #betyounowwishyouhadnotpostedthis

LOL. Not really. #jk Or not. #psych Speaking of which - did you see there is a Psych musical coming up next month? #totallyawesome

Hashtags are dangerous...

So back to your post. Actually, I do appreciate the hashtag / instagram lesson and love your post. And Utah, though beautiful, cannot compare to the beauty of the Northwest. #mystateisbetterthanyourstate

It's probably time for me to blog again so I can stop usurping yours. #sorry

Ashley Rae said...

LOL Mom. I love everything about your comment. #ihavethebestmomever



Jennifer said...

Yes, hashtags really are annoying, but when you and you're mom use them, they are actually really quite funny. :) #thankyouforthelaughs

Yes, Utah is gorgeous, and so is the Northwest, and so is Bali. #luckyus

Kendrick and Desiree said...

Haha! I love this. I am one of those people who love hashtags because of how obnoxious you can be with them! I get a kick out of the hashtags labeling people's food (for example-#nachos-as if we couldn't tell by the picture that you are in fact, eating nachos) and the hashtag trend of labeling days (#selfiesunday, #throwbackthursday, #sexysaturday). I like to make my hashtags on instagram as long and hard to read as possible. So even though this post was basically making fun of people like me, it totally made me laugh:) And the pictures were cute too.