Thursday, November 7, 2013


Alright! Another blog post! I am so proud of myself, I think I'll go eat some chocolate.


Ok. That was delicious.  Now I will tell you all about our adventures in New Orleans. Or, as they say it there, "N'awlins."  We saw the major stuff that people said we HAD to do - like see the French Quarter, Jackson Square, and eat some beignets at Cafe du Monde. Done, done, and done. Yet there was more to be done. And we done did it.

We ate at a cute little cafe called Cafe Beignet on Bourbon Street (more on that stinky street, later), in the New Orleans Musical Legends Park. They had some incredible live jazz, of course, while we ate our po' boys and other authentic N'awlins food.

We walked along Bourbon Street for a little bit, and quickly realized that it was not what you would consider "child-friendly." But not before we took a few pictures...whilst plugging our noses.  Man, that road is stinky. And I'm really not sure why. Probably a mixture of urine, alcohol, vomit... just nasty.

We walked passed it later that night on our way out to dinner, and it was still stinky, and much livelier. And even less appropriate for children. But entertaining, nonetheless.

We walked through Jackson Square (pictured), toured through the St. Louis Cathedral...

And of course stopped and had a beignet (or 2) (or 3) at the world renowned Cafe Du Monde. Delicious.

There were street musicians, EVERYWHERE, and some of them even allowed the audience to participate.

When we had asked where we should go for some yummy food and amazing live jazz, we were told to go to Frenchman Street. It didn't disappoint. We went to the Maison, which had some incredible musicians.

Now this place I had never heard of, but we went, anyway. Because how could you not go somewhere named Dreamy Weenies that had a big hot dog guy out front? (Plus, it had really good reviews.) It was delicious.

We stopped by the St. Louis Cemetery. It was pretty dang creepy.

We even had a zombie sighting.

We took the trolly to the city park.

The park was absolutely beautiful. (But very hot.)

Mmm. Pineapple tree.

In the city park, the have a free sculpture garden that you can walk through. There were some pretty neat sculptures.

On the last night in N'awlins, Brandon and Jen stayed back with the kids so Casey and I could go watch some good ol' football at some of the famous Bourbon Street places.

Well, that sums up the rest of our time with my lovely brother and his wonderful family.  We were so sad to have to say goodbye, but we were very happy that were able to spend so much time with them.

And now I am seriously hoping that I will be able to make myself blog on a more regular basis, i.e., not once every 3 months.  Haha. Yeah right. We'll see, Ashley. We'll see.


the mom said...

Thank you so much for visiting and documenting New Orleans so well so I do not need to visit it myself. Hot and stinky - I try to avoid both of those :)

Looks like you had a great time, however. I know I would have enjoyed the jazz... and the beignets.

Jennifer said...

Such a great place to experience with you guys! A very cultural place, and I especially liked the fun and creative music. :)