Tuesday, October 30, 2012

'Sbeen a while.

I thought that things would be less busy once summer was over. I was wrong.  I even asked life to slow down a little, but it didn't work. The conversation went something like this:

Me: Hey, life! How about you slow down a little bit?
Life: No.

Oh well. But at least I'm enjoying every minute of it.  I even have the pictures to prove it.

Here are some things I've been doing:

I went to a friend's cabin in Flaming Gorge. With friends.

They were so nice to name it after me.

Colors of the fall!

Happy girls.

Mmm. Hot cocoa.

Girls being girls.

Boys being girls.


We went down to my grandma's cabin. With other friends.

My grandpa built this. Ain't she a beauty?

We took turns on the 4 wheeler.

And played on the grass.

We attended a beautiful wedding in Idaho (South Fork Lodge, near Swan Valley).

Why do I always cry at weddings?

Happy couple!

I looovvve this girl.

They had a photo booth set up. It got more attention than the wedding couple.

And, most recently, I just returned from a lovely vacation to Virginia... as well as a few other other adjoining states. Here are some of the pictures (6 out of 500,000,000) from the trip. [I promise to have a much more detailed blog post about my adventures in East Coast Land, soon.]  For now, some pictures from the East:

Where animals ate from our car window. 

And we smiled in front of waterfalls.

And we attended a UVA football game. Where they lost.

Where Times Square welcomed us with open arms.

And I saw Phantom. On BROADWAY!

And, of course, I spent some much-needed time at my happy place.

I love my happy place. What is your happy place?


Brandon said...

What fun times you've been having! Great pictures and beautiful places. I love the scenery, and to have zebras sticking their heads in your car! Woah! So cool. Just like you. :) Yes, you are cool like a zebra head... in a car... window. Okay, actually, that's kind of a silly analogy for how cool you are. But you are. I'll be quiet now.

Ashley Rae said...

A zebra head in a car window is probably one of the coolest things I can think of. So I appreciate the compliment. Haha!

Irene said...

more, more more...we want to hear more of your fun life.
you know I love and look forward to your posts.

Allison - SilenceOfTheClams.com said...

Boys being girls... LOL

Love the adventures you've been having - and am so happy you managed to enjoy them prior to Frankenstorm Sandy wiping out the east coast!

Adriene said...

Were you in Virginia or Africa? I don't remember zebras when I lived there. Just a lot of Jewish people. Which is fine.
I have some 'news' for you. Unfortunately, the keypad on my phone broke so I can't send texts/email. But maybe I'll run into you sometime :)

Jennifer said...

Great to hear about your latest adventures. I would love to explore the east coast a bit more, and especially see a broadway play there, such as Phantom. Excited to hear and see more about your vacation too!

paul said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time. Good for you.
I've been to a handful of southern states but never northern east coast. We'll probably do it by train in a few years. I love the train. I'm with Allison on the boys being girls comment. You're a hoot.
God, I just sounded like my grandpa.

Casey Price said...

My happy place is next to you.....
(super cheesy, I know)