Sunday, November 4, 2012

First, a wedding.

Ok, I know I said I was going to write about my Virginia trip. However, as I was looking through photos, I realized I had too many cute ones from the wedding that I simply HAD to share them.

Casey was a "co-best man" to the groom, so we attended all of the festivities, and it was a full weekend affair. It was up in a beautiful place near Swan Valley, Idaho, called South Fork Lodge (at the south fork of the Snake River). When we arrived on Friday night, there was a lovely rehearsal dinner. Shorty afterwards, Kennedy and I  went to sleep, while the rest of the hooligans stayed up until the wee hours of the night.

The next morning, Casey and Kennedy got up and went out for a little walk to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Kennedy took this gorgeous picture of the river. It's totes frameable. ("Totes" is the new, hip way to say "totally." Since I'm almost 30, I need to use this hip lingo as much as possible in order to help me feel cool and young.)

Then I came out to join them. In all of my puffy-eyed natural beauty.

Good morning!

A while later, we went out on our friend's boat to do some sight-seeing. 

And some (unsuccessful) fishing.

I love that Kennedy is SO good at making friends.

We stopped at an "island" to stretch our legs.
And take pictures of super colorful rocks. They were totes awesome.

Then it was time for the wedding.
The groom was rowed in by his best men on a drift boat. Pretty sweet entrance.
It was perfect.

After the ceremony it was time for food and festivities. And like I said in my last post, the photo booth was totes the hit of the party. 

Here we are with the happy newlyweds!

Congrats, Ian and Hailey!! You two make an incredibly beautiful couple!

(Ok, now I'll try to sort through pictures from my trip. Peace out.)


Jennifer said...

Looks like such a beautiful wedding and a really fun time. What a great idea to have a photo booth too!

the mom said...

Totes. LOL. That is the dumbest new catch phrase I've heard in a long time. Sadly, that probably means I'll start using it without thinking.

What a lovely wedding - and beautiful setting. I'm glad you've got such good friends in your life.

Kennedy inherited her "everyone is my friend" ability from her lovely mother :)