Wednesday, September 26, 2012

It's the little things. And the big things.

The other day, Kennedy and I were talking about boys (she's mildly obsessed). More specifically, the boys she has crushes on. She was telling me the reasons she liked each of them.  She then proceeded to ask me why I liked Casey so much.  I had very little problem coming up with a gazillion reasons why he still gives me butterflies. After listing about 15 things, Kennedy started getting bored with my explanation of grown-up infatuation and changed the subject to the new zombie movie that just came out (ParaNorman- it was way cute. Go see it).  Anyway, since I didn't get a chance to tell her all of the reasons, I'm listing a bunch of them here for you to read. So that you can know how awesome my boyfriend is.

  • Like the fact that he is FUNNY.  We have had quite a few "laugh 'til we cry" moments. Even if I'm in a bad mood, he somehow says something completely ridiculous that makes me laugh. Bad mood over.
  • He is manly. He's strong. Tall. He loves football. Basketball. Poker. Guy stuff. *Grunt. Plus, he's got the perfect amount of chest hair. 
  • Sweet. And charming. Cheesy. And yet....not. He'll be all sweet and romantic and say something that makes me swoon, and then he'll throw something totally sarcastic and dumb in there that makes me roll my eyes. And swoon a little more.
  • He is smart. Very smart.
  • He thinks I'm smart. (Which actually gives his intelligence a little less credibility...)
  • He loves Kennedy. He plays with her, treats her like a princess, and she loves him right back.
  • He thinks that I'm the most amazing woman in the world. And he tells me constantly. (Boy do I have him fooled.)
  • He 'gets' me. If I'm upset/frustrated/sad and I'm not quite sure how to explain what I'm feeling (a/k/a being a woman), he is somehow able to say "I can imagine that you're feeling a little _______ and ______." And I'm like "Holy crap. Are you psychic?"  It's pretty cool.
  • Not to mention, he is devilishly handsome. *Swoon
  • He encouraged me to join my family's fantasy football league. And reminds me every day to check up on my players to make sure they're not injured. It's really sweet.
  • He tells me when I'm wrong (which is rare) in a way that I don't feel like I have to be defensive.
  • He admits when he's wrong. And then apologizes. (Yes ladies, this man is for real.)
  • He actually reads my blog, and checks it without me even telling him that I updated it. (Hi babe!)
  • He thinks I'm funny. 
  • We make a dashing couple. 
  • The things about myself of which I am most self-conscious are some of the things he loves the most. (i.e. my big butt.)
  • He is clean. His house is so tidy that I thought he had a maid. Nope. He is just that awesome.
  • We both love to travel. Together.
  • He lets me listen to whatever music I want in the car, even if it's Katy Perry.
  • And even though he says that Ashlee and I have some "weird" and "obsessive" friendship, I know he secretly would love to marry both of us. Too bad for him, she's taken. Oh- and polygamy is illegal. Sorry, Casey.
  • He loves his mom. He talks about her with so much love and respect. It's so sweet.
  • He is super respectful. Of me. Of Kennedy. Of my family. I am never nervous to take him to my grandma's house or to a work party or anything, because I know he'll be completely respectful to everyone he meets.
  • He listens to me (as much as is possible for a man to listen to a woman). And he acts interested in everything I have to say. Even if it's about flowers or cakes. Or my hair. 

I honestly could go on for hours.  But I think I've gone on long enough, for today.  If you couldn't tell, this dude is pretty great. I think I'll keep him around for a while.

P.S. I found this hat in San Diego and I want it. I'm just putting that out there, since my birthday is coming up. Thank you in advance.


the mom said...

You really do have an awesome boyfriend. I can attest to his fun-ness, kindness, manliness and respect from us. And I love that he is genuinely interested in you and the people in your life. And especially that he treats you so well - you deserve it. I think he's pretty lucky too, though :)

He is definitely mother approved.

Hi Casey!

Sarah Jane said...

wow. i'm impressed. that is quite a list. sounds like you have quite a catch over there. i'm happy for you. you should keep him. ;)

hi Casey!

melanie33 said...

Ok so I hope the perfect amount of chest hair is little to none because I don't favor the men who resemble gorillas. Ew.
He sounds like a keeper. You had me at he gets you. Everyone deserves someone who loves them even after witnessing them at their worst. Like catching someone sing into their hairbrush (embarrassing) or coughing in the nude (gross).
Glad you are happy! You deserve happy. Plus if you were depressed your blog would be a lot less fun to read. So stay happy for me. I am the most important after all.

Wrights said...

Can I please join in your relationship? We could make it a three way. You had me at 'chest hair'. Although hopefully that is one thing you guys don't have in common.

Kristin said...

Casey is indeed quite a catch. But so are you. I'm glad you caught each other.

Now I find I'm really wanting to know just what is the "perfect" amount of chest hair. You didn't post pictures, sadly.

The Anderson's said...

Awe!! He is super cute! I will have to meet him one of these days. And You are a dollface yourself:)

Jennifer said...

I am so happy to read about your amazing boyfriend! It sounds like he is a winning fit for one of the most amazing women I know.

Ashley Rae said...

@Mel- haha. Great mental picture of nude coughing. Thanks so much. And I'll make sure to stay happy- JUST for you.

@Adriene- you can totally join in on our relationship. I'm all for that. Please don't judge my chest hair.

@Kristin- I will see if I can snag a picture of the "perfect" chest hair amount for you :)

@Jen- thanks :) Love you!

Raising Helm said...

you are adorable! and beautiful! and hilarious! Oh I could go on and on but I will just have to let Casey write that post:) I am glad you are happy and that he treats you ladies (you and Kennedy) right! sigh:) You keep smilin' and keep those big bright beautiful eyes sparkilin' my friend. Have a fabulous day!

paul said...

I'm so glad you're happy but try not to push the Katie Perry thing. A man can only be so great.

Casey Price said...

Wow babe - That was really sweet of you.... my voodoo magic must be working bwahaha (evil laugh). I can truly echo many of the past comments that I am the lucky one. For every positive trait you listed of mine there are ten more of yours. I am really grateful for this relationship that seemingly just fell in my lap. Thanks so much for brightening my day.... and life :) Love you!

Brandon said...

Sounds like the perfect guy for you! I'm glad you're enjoying each other so much, and I'm looking forward to meeting him (to compare chest hair, of course.)

Irene said...

I just have to say AMEN & Amen to your mom's post.
I'm so pleased you're so deserve to be happy.
Love you.