Tuesday, September 18, 2012

So much stuff.

I have come to realize that the main problem with not blogging very often is that, when I finally find the time to blog, I have so many things to choose from, and I just end up writing about all of them and then calling it a "random" post. I apologize if that gets annoying.

Well, anyway, here's another random post.

Kennedy broke her first heart.  She told a boy in her class (Tripp) that she no longer had a crush on him. She  felt REALLY bad for making him cry.
Poor Tripp. Words of advice: Get used to heartbreak. It is a part of life (even at 8 years old, apparently). Also- while crying is a natural reaction to heartbreak, try to not cry in front of your guy friends. They will most likely make fun of you.

These two started preschool. PRESCHOOL. As in, they're 4 years old. FOUR. Ugh. And I'm going to continue to add emphasis by way of repetition and capitalization. CAPITALIZATION.
(btw- I cannot look at this picture without wanting to squeeze them both and kiss them from head to toe. I just love them.)

Kennedy came to visit me at work, and we went to lunch at City Creek. Idn't she a cutie? (Yes, the "idn't" is intentional.)

I let Kennedy bring a friend with us to the fair. They had so much fun.

Mmmmm. Apples. APPLES.

And on our way walking out of the fair, she had a "Kennedyism":

Kennedy: Casey, will you give me a ride on your shoulders?
Casey: Sorry, Kennedy- not tonight, since I can't give both you and your friend a ride.
Kennedy: Oh. Is it because you haven't learned to duplicate yourself, yet?

Man, she's funny. FUNNY.

My friends (most of them) are Ute fans.  Ute fans assemble before games.  So naturally, as Ute fans, we assembled with the lot of them and got each other pumped up for the game....

Which we didn't have tickets to.

So when it was game time, we said goodbye to our ticket-holding friends, and the rest of us went and watched it on a nice, big TV, with instant re-plays, close-ups, and food.  (I'm trying to tell myself it was better than seeing it in person.)

In other news, Kennedy is starting baseball! We'll see if she actually plays or if, instead, she performs handstands and cartwheels on the field, like her dad used to. Either way, at least she gets a cool baseball cap out of it. A BASEBALL CAP.


Sarah Jane said...

By far the funniest part of that post is that you hope she doesn't do cartwheels and handstands on the field....like her dad used to.

saddest part of that post was that poor tripp. man, even *I* feel bad for that kid. oh well. kennedy is a heartbreaker.

the mom said...

I actually quite like the random blog posts... though I'd love you to blog more regularly. As if I had room to talk there....

Was so fun seeing you last week. That miss Kennedy is such a funny sweetheart.

Thanks again for breakfast.

Michelle said...

Love your all encompassing random posts, they are very newsy and funny. Kennedy will be breaking hearts right and left, she is funny, gorgeous and smart!

Wrights said...

Damn you, Ute fans

Haven't seen you guys forever (as in a few days but that's a long time when we live 10 feet apart). Hope everything's going well!

paul said...

yeah I beat the "I am not a robot test". I have been having a hard time for a while and am assuming this post will get through to which I say yeah.
I love your random posts they are always so creative and sweet. I feel like I know Kennedy because of your writing. She's adorable.
I'm looking at the robot word and number and this time it looks pretty easy. we'll see here goes.

the mom said...

LOL Paul. I hate the I am not a robot test either. It's ridiculously complicated to read some of those... um... words???

Mine for this one is nsplymp 17... at least I THINK that's an ly

Brandon said...

So sad to see the broken heart. But he'll get over it. :) I enjoy your random posts, too. I think maybe it's time I write one...

Jennifer said...

I'd love to learn the self-duplication trick. Poor Tripp. I'm ashamed to admit that I never felt bad for the poor little boys who had a crush on me. I just never returned their affection, and I made sure they understood that I preferred to be left alone. At least Kennedy has a heart. :)

Ashley Rae said...

Paul- lol. I know, that robot thing is annoying. But it has definitely minimized the amount of spam I get on here. :)

Brandon, you SHOULD write a random post. I'd love to read it. :)

Jen- I don't know how good it is that she has a heart- she is WAY too boy crazy for my liking...