Monday, April 23, 2012


Sometimes you go out for sushi and it's really exciting.

And as much as I love salt water aquariums and colorful fish, I think it's extremely cruel that they have them at sushi restaurants. Those poor fish ... watching us eat their cousins.

Sometimes you get to babysit adorable little girls who fall asleep in the car. And you take pictures of them because kids are so sweet while they're sleeping.

Sometimes you have a rough week so a sweet boy sends you gorgeous flowers. And it makes you really happy.

Sometimes you go skiing with said sweet boy. This time, however, you don't injure your thumb.

Sometimes you go on vacation and then weeks later you realize you still haven't blogged about it.

And then you tell yourself that you will blog about it soon.

Because you have really cute pictures that your mom took.

And sometimes you see stickers on the back of syrup bottles that make you laugh.

And sometimes you don't want to be at work so you blog.

You. Not me. I love being at work. So much.


Anonymous said...

I wanna hear more about this "sweet boy"...;) Looks like your doing well. I missed your posts so I'm glad your back!

Sara B. Larson said...

That sticker is awesome! And those pictures your mom took are AMAZING. You and Kennedy are so beautiful!! And yay for sweet boys!!!! :)

the mom said...

Yay for new blog posts! And sweet boys and sweet kennedy and sweet syrup with awesome labels.

You and Kennedy ARE beautiful. Thanks for coming to visit me instead of being at work for a week, since I know it was hard to leave because you love it so much.

paul said...

Great post. I love the way you structure each blog differently. It's very creative and entertaining and I agree that everybody needs a "sweet boy".

Jennifer said...

It's great to see glimpses into the happenings in your life through another great blog post and photos. :) So happy for the fun you've been having lately!

Kristin said...

So happy for the update and blog post! Those flowers are fabulous, and they are ever better because they were sent to you by a sweet boy. I'd write more, but that would make you take more time away from work to read my comments and we all know you would rather work.

Brandon said...

Sometimes you're really glad to read blog posts by your creative sister. The rest of the time... well... you can only dream about what joys may await in her next post. :)

Raising Helm said...

How the heck does your hair grow so fast? You look gorgeous my friend! love the pictures and I would love to hear more of your exciting vacation and "sweet boy"-I really have no idea if that even means anything. Love ya!

Erin Young said...

ha ha, I hope you love being at work. Oh Ashley! You make me laugh long time. Lets play already!