Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Something to make your ears happy.

So there's this guy. His name is Ryan. He's one of my good friends. He is also a musician. A very talented musician. A soon-to-be famous musician. Why is he soon-to-be famous? Because he is awesome. That is why.

His music is refreshing, catchy, raw, familiar, and new. His voice has always been one of my favorites (and I don't give out vocal compliments lightly). He was with a band for quite a few years, and has recently begun doing some solo stuff. Which is definitely worth listening to.

Here is his website:


And here is one of my most favorite songs that he sings:

You should check out the rest of his music, buy his CD (pre-order it), and then go see him in concert if you ever make it to California (or see him when he comes here to perform). And then you can say you heard Ryan Darton before the rest of the world becomes obsessed with him.

Because they will.


Kristin said...

He's great. I quite like this song. Thanks for sharing.

So... just how good of friends are you? Like, for example, are you good enough friends you could casually suggest he cut his bangs so we can see him and he can stop accidentally chewing on his hair? It might be fun for you to be able to say you recommended hair styles to Ryan Darton before the rest of the world became obsessed with him. Of course, you could also recommend a Mohawk in that case. ...just a thought.

Ashley Rae said...

Yes, we are good enough friends that we have actually had a little bit of the long hair discussion. He's quite attached to it, I'm afraid. Although perhaps I'll run it by him again. His wife is going to have a baby, soon- so maybe he'll cut it once the baby starts pulling it out :)

The Anderson's said...

Wow he is talented! I,totally went to Halloween dance with him my senior year... Holla! Does that make me famous too?? :)

Raising Helm said...

That is way neato, he does have a wonderful talent. Who knew? That is always exciting to see people from school living their dreams.Bravo Ryan! Thanks for sharing...Now I am waiting to hear YOUR CD. :) I will have plenty of stories to tell about you. ha ha ha

the mom said...

That really did make my ears happy.