Tuesday, January 3, 2012

This year.

Alright. It's a new year. I don't even know if I had any New Year's resolutions last year. That's how good I am at keeping them. So this year, I'm just going to write down some stuff I'm going to try to do. If I do them...awesome. If not...eh. At least I can say I tried.

This year, I am going to attempt to:

Lose the ten pounds I just gained over the holidays.

Do some charity/volunteer work.

Live in the moment- and enjoy it.

Go on a road trip.

Pick up a new hobby.

Have more patience with Kennedy.

Learn more guitar (I actually have callouses on my fingers from playing so much, lately. Go me.)

Read more books.

Increase my Spanish vocabulary.

Be a better listener.

Trust in the knowledge that whatever will be, will be.

Be sunshiny and happy as often as I can.

Just be awesome.

Happy 2012, everyone!!


Heather said...

good luck to you! Happy new year : )

Kristin said...

You'll have no trouble with the Sunshiny and Happy goal. Any particular place you'd like to head on your road trip?

Ashley Rae said...

Aww, thanks Kristin :)
As far as a destination for my road trip, I'm not picky. But maybe Seattle/Bellingham! :D

the mom said...

You are one of the most "live in the moment" people I have ever known - as well as one of the most patient (if not the most) parent I've ever seen... so I think you've got yourself a pretty good start on your stuff.

Anonymous said...

Love them! And knowing you-you'll rock them and make the rest of us resolution makers look like suckers for not being able to keep ours...

paul said...

I don't know how big of a road trip you're planning but you're always welcome here, after you see your mother of course. We could show you life in the forest or give you a tour of San Francisco or both.

Jennifer said...

Those sound like great goals, many of which I think you are already really good at. :) Nice to be reminded about setting some goals too, thanks. I think I will follow suit.

Brandon said...

Great goals, and you've already got most of them down pretty well, I think. I used to get really elaborate with resolutions, but now I try to just let things come as they may. I still enjoy reaching goals when I set them, though.

Raising Helm said...

I think I just might copy your resolutions since I have not officially begun my year and listed mine yet. You okay with that? Those sound great! good luck and cheers to a new year my friend! cheers with a nice cup of lemonade-considering hot cocoa doesn't feel quite the same with no snow. oh well! love the sunshine!

Sarah Jane said...

Those are some good resolutions.

Keep being awesome and sunshiny! I like that one! :)