Sunday, January 8, 2012

My other kids.

I love these girls. So does Kennedy. She introduces them to people as her little sisters. After all, their biological mom and I share the same name, anyway, so they might as well call me "mom," too, right? Because that's totally normal.

I love my other kids.


the mom said...

Those girls are so cute - and are the perfect little sisters for Kennedy. I love that the Ashleye have created a next generation of friendship.

And thank yo ufor updating your blog regularly.

Sarah Jane said...

Hi Ashley and Ashley, you have cute kids!

Jennifer said...

Your other kids are very adorable. I'm so glad Kennedy has both of them to call her own. :)

Shilo said...

And dang it, you should!
They are super cute!

Raising Helm said...

Love the birth announcement! They are adorable. You are fabulous mother btw:)