Friday, December 30, 2011

Build-a-Hello Kitty

For Christmas, Kennedy wanted a stuffed animal from Build-a-Bear Workshop. Since it's something she would have to pick out, herself, Santa couldn't bring it, so it was a mommy gift.

We went to redeem her gift card this morning.

Whoever thought of this idea was a genius. She got to pick out her own lifeless stuffed animal (sans the stuffing), choose a noise for it to make (like when you push their hand and they make a sound), pick out a little heart to put inside of it, and then the person who works there stuffed it and sewed it up for her.  Then she got to give it a "bath", dress it up, and create a birth certificate for it.

And she took it home in its very own box.

Presenting: The meowing Hello Kitty named Selena.

(I won a lot of brownie points for giving her this present. Take THAT, Santa.)


the mom said...

What a fun gift. The best gifts are activities - makes them more memorable. Kennedy looks like she is about to burst with happiness.

And she looks adorable in those skinny jeans.

Jennifer said...

What a fun Christmas activity gift. Kennedy is so cute in those photos, and Selena turned out great!

Wrights said...

We just took Delylah there two days ago. The people that work there are freakishly nice. Makes me want to beat them up.

Kaeloni said...

Cute!!!So fun. When we took our little boy for his 3rd birthday..he screamed the whole time!

Raising Helm said...

One day that is on my to do list. Hopefully before my children get too old:) That is a cute one and Kennedy is adorable. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New year. Wish I could have seen ya and the ladies. loved the Vegas post btw. YOu are so entertaining!

Michelle said...

She does look adorable in this skinny jeans!

I want that Hello Kitty very badly.

Kristin said...

How exciting! You get many points. I love the fact she got to pick out a heart for it.

Brandon said...

She's lucky to have a mom like you. Very cute pictures, too!