Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Long overdue.

So I was re-sizing some pictures to put on my blog, thinking they were taken, oh... maybe a week or two ago... Wrong. The date on them is July 25th. JULY. And we're nearing September. I swear, we missed a few weeks somewhere in there.

Anyway, apparently on July 25th, we went on up to Silver Lake with our friend and his son to fish a little bit. And I took some pictures.

And saw... a DUCK! (name that movie....)

and pretty scenery.

And tried to catch fish.

But unfortunately only the sea weed was biting.

So the kids ate snacks. And Kennedy pulled her normal Kennedyfaces.

And I became good friends with this cute ground squirrel. I offered him a free photo shoot. He was very flattered and posed willingly.

And after fighting for about an hour over who got to walk in front and be "the leader", the kids finally decided that they could be equals.

At least for 5 minutes.

And P.S.
Justin's brother, Travis, and his wife (get this- her name is Ashley Carrell) had their darling baby today! Her name is Piper Carrell. (I can only hope she'll be as cute as my friend's little girl, who is also named Piper.)

Welcome to the world, Piper. You're surrounded by all of us crazies. But at least we love you!


Jennifer said...

Cute post Ashley. :) I love your new blouse too. What a darling little baby girl.

Sara said...

cute pictures - and what a darling baby! Not to mention how beautiful you look! Wow!

melanie33 said...

wow, that last picture... it looked natural. like that is where you belong... holding a newborn baby... OF YOUR OWN.

Shilo said...

I love your commentary!
It's fun to read stuff like that in the morning.
And Piper is cute! Thanks for posting the pic...
I have to add her to Granny's bday book now. :D

Kaeloni said...

She is too cute! I hope all is going well for mom and baby!

Raising Helm said...

AWWW! so darling! baby Piper is adorable to. ha ha-Looks like you had a great time in the beautiful outdoors. Enjoy!!!

Sharee and Court said...

Did I tell you that I really like your hair color? Cuz I do! It's really pretty on you!

Oh and I love the picture of Kennedy Holding the little boys hand. She looke like she is strutting her stuff. :) So funny!

Chris said...

Piper is an adorable name.

And I love your shirt in that last picture! Somehow, I don't think it would look the same on me.

Kennedy looks like she would make a fabulous older sister to someone... :D

Ashley Rae said...

@Chris- she MIGHT make a fabulous older sister. Although when I asked her what she'd do with a younger brother or sister she said she would "boss" them. But I guess that's what older siblings are for, right?... lol

Smiley Family said...

Seriously, I don't know how it is already September. Blows me away. Cute pics :)

Annie said...

awwwww i love the name Piper! instantly adorablizes already adorable girls!