Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Last night we went to Fat Cats.

Kennedy showed us how to bowl granny style.
And did a great job looking adorable as she was waiting for her ball to knock down those pins... the bowl rolled slower than a snail. But hey- at least she was workin' it.

And here is Justin's "I just got a strike and you didn't" face.

Final score:

Kennedy: 92 (with bumpers)
Justin: 89
Ashley: 54

I was of course playing "lowest score wins."
So I win.


Raising Helm said...

Nicely done-when did the rules go into effect? cheater! ha ha I mean you pretty much just stated that Kennedy lost. What a nice mom. ha ha again-looks like a good time though. You went just for the shoes. love ya!

the mom said...

Looks like fun. Congrats on your win :)

Sharee and Court said...

In my world, I always win at bowling too. :_

melanie33 said...

dude i bowl like a 270. I ROCK!!!

so what if its on the wii?

Michelle said...

I love Kennedy's bowling attire.

I only bowl on Wii, and suck.

Monica said...

Admit it. She kicked your guys' butts!

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows the lowest score wins! Duh! Kennedy is adorable. We should meet up some time and take both the girls bowling.

p.s. We'll get on that bowling thing as soon as I loose a couple of pounds. I just realized that to go bowling I would have to spend a lot of time with my rear end in your poor family's direction...

Jennifer said...

I love Kennedy's little bowling outfit. :) She is such a cute little bowler. I love taking Emily and Marie bowling too. It is so much fun to watch. :)

Shilo said...

I always play the game that the lowest wins...I think people are just confused!!! :D

Shopgirl1483 said...

when i look at this post and the next post about kennedy starting kindergarten, i can't help but notice that justin has on the same outfit.

not that theres anything wrong with that. i'm just sayin'. hee hee.

Ashley Rae said...

Wow, Sarah. You are extremely observant. I like it.

Luckily he's safe, because those pictures were taken on the same day. (Tuesday) So we're good.