Thursday, July 9, 2009

Day 5: The hike.

Tuesday we decided that since we're totally out of shape and neither of us has been hiking or doing anything of the sort for such a long time that it would be such a great idea to go on an 4 mile strenuous hike up to a waterfall. And then back down. Another 4 miles. So 8 total. Cause we're so smart. But even though I felt like I was going to pass out and die, I did get some super awesome pictures.

The hike starts at Ke'e beach. And this picture was taken about 1/2 mile into it, where you can turn around and see the safety of the beach you left behind. Not really knowing, yet, what you've gotten yourself into.

And here's a gorgeous view. Maybe 1 mile into it? I don't know. I honestly lost track. But we were still feeling like we were as healthy as 18 year olds, at this point.

Then we had to cross a river. We had to cross a few of them. This one sucked. Especially if your shoe slips on the moss and into the water and then your sock is all soggy.

This is definitely 2 miles in. I know because there was a sign. We were half way there and already completely exhausted, so we stopped for a snack-a-roo.

After the food, we were on the trail again. And at this point, we felt like we were about 30. But still kind of healthy 30 yr. olds.

I like bamboo.

I called this the tree of enchantment. Because it looks like it should be so named.

This was another river we had to cross. This one was a bitch. I had to actually leap from one rock to another one. It wasn't a pretty sight. Age 45.

After 4 miles and some length of time that felt like 10 hours, we finally arrived at Hanakapi'ai (Han-uh-cop-ee-eye) Falls.

We were tired, gross and sweaty. Age 60. Ish.

So we hopped in (well, Justin hopped in and I slowly crawled in) to the ice-cold water and swam to the waterfall. I felt like my leg hairs were going to turn into icicles and fall off.

(And no- we're not in this picture. We were dumb and forgot to ask anyone to take a picture of us in the water. By the time we thought about it, we were already out of the water and there was no way in hell we were getting back in.)

I felt good for the first 1/2 mile of the way back. So I took some pictures of some nature.

Like more bamboo.

So at about mile 6 I got a headache. Mile 7 I felt super hot. Mile 8 I was totally nauseous and felt like I was going to hurl. Luckily that was the end of the hike. Justin drove us back to the condo where I gulped down about 5 gallons of water and laid down on the bed and had the blessed a/c on full blast. Luckily no puking ensued. But I felt like I was in as good of shape as your average 80 year old.

Needless to say, our activities were pretty low key for the rest of Day 5.


the mom said...

LOLOL... I love your narration. And you look really awesome for an 80 year old.

Brandon said...

You are so hilarious, Ash. Your posts always make me laugh out loud.
Beautiful pictures! I want to go there! (Except maybe by helicopter or 4-wheeler instead of on foot...)

Jennifer said...

I am super impressed! I don't know what kind of shape I would have been in by the end, but most likely a bit worse off than you were. The scenery looks absolutely gorgeous too!!

wurstens5 said...

I love that hike. We did that last year and I was preg with Kyle and didn't even know it. Know wonder I was so tired.

melanie33 said...
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melanie33 said...

lol, what your little naive mind thinks is that is was something YOU did to make you so tired...
but what I know is day 5 was the day I pulled out the voodoo dolls.
I had fun.
Serves you right for going to Hawaii twice.

Raising Helm said...

I love how you continue to loose an article of clothing in each picture ha ha ha- Are you sure you and Justin weren't playing a game??? I agree on the madre comment you look pretty sweet for an 80 yr old. 'cmon Ash we all know you don't have hair on your legs ha ha-beautiful pictures and congrats on making it to your destination and major props for making it back. YEA for HAWAII!!!

Ashley Rae said...

@Jamie- you were pregnant on that hike? Man. Now I feel like a total wuss. LOL. I have nothing to blame my tiredness on except for the fact that I was out of shape.

@Mel- You suck.

@Brit- We saved those games for when we were back at the condo ;) He he

Michelle said...

Oh how I enjoyed your narration. I loved the Tree of Enchantment, is that sorta like The Tree of Life? I would have died one mile in ... ugh.

Very good post.

Shopgirl1483 said...

yes, i love your narration for your posts. and those are some beautiful pictures!!

Sarah said...

... and ditto to everyone else- you make us laugh!