Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Day 4: The Garden Isle

Kauai. *sigh* Oh, how I miss thee...

My aunt (who knows more about Kauai than I do about my own house) and mother have always raved about how wonderful Kauai is. It really didn't take much to convince me.

So some people may think "Well, Hawaii is Hawaii." But that is SO not true. I mean, technically Hawaii really is Hawaii. But whatever. All islands of Hawaii are not created equal. Don't get me wrong- Oahu is just fantastically beautiful and it IS paradise. But sometimes I am just drawn toward a much more relaxed atmosphere.

Kauai has that desired atmosphere.

(The famous taro fields of Hanalei)

Especially the north shore. More specifically, the town of Hanalei.

On this 4th day of our adventure (and many other days following this one), we hung out in this cute little town. We shopped in some of the cute stores, went down to Hanalei Bay, and just hung out and enjoyed having a lazy day. And we of course ate at Bubba's Burgers.

Mmmmm. We ate there way too often.

And as we sat at the picnic tables and enjoyed our delicious burgers, we made a few friends: A local named T.J. (who serenaded us with his guitar and vocals), and also these cute little birds.

Hello there, my friends.

Our condo was located right next to a cliff, so we could hear the whoosh of the ocean. It was pretty awesome - I'm not gonna lie. And this was the view outside the condo.

This was the view on the other side of the condo. The same place we watched the sunset every night.

And here is my man enjoying one of those many beautiful sunsets. Or maybe he's actually contemplating the meaning of the universe.

If he found the answer, he sure didn't tell me.

Next adventure: Hiking and heat exhaustion.


Monica said...

I'll admit it. I'm absolutley jealous. What an amazing experience. Thanks for sharing!

the mom said...

I love the whoosh of the ocean... you guys did have an awesome condo with an incredibly view.

And I love those cute little cardinals.

Loving your updates....

melanie33 said...

whatever, Hawaii expert.

i am still boycotting in spirit.

Sara said...

Still insanely jealous over here!! you think I'm kidding about the contortionism thing, but I'm not. ;-) It looks gorgeous - I'm so happy you got to do that!

Chris and Heather said...

ok, I am jealous.... but happy that you got to go at the same time. I wish it were my turn!

Chris said...

I have never been to Kauai!! Your pictures are gorgeous and that view you had is AMAZING. Well, all of Hawaii is amazing. Jealous!!!

Sarah said...

I wish I were there NOW!
... still jealous you went :)

Shopgirl1483 said...

i LOVE going to sleep listening to the ocean waves. that view isn't too bad either!