Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Day 7. Na Pali Puke

Yes. I skipped Day 6. Why? We were so freaking sore from our Day 5 hike that we could barely walk anywhere. So we chilled. I don't even remember what we did at all. We probably hung out at the beach or something totally awesome like that. Because we're totally awesome. Like that.

Day 7 was incredible. Yet also incredibly vomit-inducing.

We went on a zodiac/boating tour of the Na Pali Coast.

One word: breathtaking.

But first, some freaking cuteness. Dolphins!

On the way out, we saw this pod of about 30 Spinner Dolphins, just swimming right alongside our boat.

Our guide told us that they were actually probably sleep-swimming. Crazy, eh?

Aren't they so adorable? I think some of them were obviously awake, since they were jumping up in the air and spinning. Because if I were going to be up in the air and spinning, I'd definitely have to be awake.

About an hour into our ride, we get our first view of the oh so UH-mazing coastline.

And since it's my M.O., I took loads of pictures.

I know, right? Just gorgeous.

And Justin was looking super cool his Top Gun sunglasses. I kept calling him Maverick.

And since I have, like, the best luck ever, earlier that week there had been an unusual storm swelling in the north, which means that this particular day there were freakishly large waves tossing and turning the boat from side to side. And front to back. And then side to side again.
And this is about the point where I started feeling ill.

As we started heading back, we kept slowing down to look at pretty things. Like this.

Which made me vomit.

And oh look! A cute little sea turtle!! Let's stop. *vomit*

He was so cute! He (or she- I didn't care to check) hung out right next to our boat for about 10 minutes. *side to side*... And I was trying to ignore the swaying. *back and forth*...

But I put on a happy face for a picture. A happy-super-pale-puking-face.

The 10 other people on the boat were luckily very understanding. Two others actually hurled, as well. It was a BAD day to be at sea, apparently. But we made the best of it and had our little puking party.

Then it was time to get out of the boat and snorkel for a bit. Whew.

The snorkeling here kinda sucked compared to our first snorkel adventure, but it could be due to the crazy waves. Who knows. But I remained unimpressed.

The tour included going in this really cool open-ceiling sea cave.

But the waves were so bad, the guide decided not to risk all of our lives. So we just admired it from afar.

The ride back was treacherous. I don't know if I've ever been so happy to be on land.

However. Even with all of the aforementioned disgustingness that was my bile, I truly enjoyed this excursion. It was totally worth it.

But I think next time I'll check the wave reports.

Here's one more pretty picture to leave you with:


the mom said...

Love Day 7! The pics are beautiful, but your comments made me laugh out loud.

And oh look! A cute little sea turtle!! Let's stop. *vomit*


I'm so sorry you inherited the motion sickness gene. On my one boat trip along the napali coast - to see whales - I got totally sick every time we stopped. I think we need to see the napali coast by hover craft....

Ashley Rae said...

lol- yes, mom. I agree. Hover craft may be a little more enjoyable. Although then I'd probably get air sick.. hm... I guess I may be doomed.

Lauren said...

That place is so gorgeous. I think I'm a little sick after reading about your boat trip. You should have told Justin "I need to hack!" :). I love your pictures. And it was so great to spend some time with you last weekend!

the mom said...

LOLOLOL Lauren.... that memory just made me burst our laughing.

Ashley Rae said...

LOL... "I need to hack"... oh that was great.

Kristin said...

Sorry about the vomitting. But wasn't it worth it to be able to see NaPali!

Jennifer said...

That last photo...could there be a more beautiful place on planet earth? So sorry you felt so sick though. That would be rough. Love the sea turtle and dolphins. :)

Raising Helm said...

B-E-A-utiful!!! Oh how I would have loved seeing those dolphines and the sea turtle and the gorgeous view and most of all how I would have enjoyed puking along side you. Okay not really, but I am sure I would have been. Atleast you still looked liked a beach babe with a pale face. Nicely done my friend!

melanie33 said...

hahahahahahahahah... after all this time you still believe it was the waves that made you sick?
(do you ever learn?)
No, that sickness was me, lovingly bathing your voodoo doll in epicac.
it was glorious...

Sara said...

So sorry you get motion sick! That is not fun at all. But it looked absolutely amazingly gorgeous - so I'm glad you were able to *sort of* enjoy it amongst all the puking, hurling, etc etc etc. :-)

Shopgirl1483 said...

i've heard that vomit actually attracts interesting sea creatures. that's what i've been told on our boat excursions when people get sea sick. but i haven't been on a tour where someone actually puked to see if it worked. but hey, you saw some cool turtles and dolphins!!

wurstens5 said...

Man I really want to go back to Hawaii! I can't believe you saw dolphins and a turtle. So pretty