Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Stupid laundry fairy never showed up. So I ended up having to do all of it myself. Lame, huh?

Whatevs. Anyway, here are the latest Kennedyisms. As promised.

[Background: I had made her dinner and she didn't want to eat it. Her choices were to eat it now, or go to bed and eat it in the morning. She wouldn't choose so I told her she'd have to eat it in the morning. As I was carrying her to bed, this was her cry:]
A: ... you're doomed?
K: *sob* *sniff* Yes!! *sniff* I'm... DOOOOOOMED!!

"Boogers just keep growing in my nose. That means I gotta pick 'em!"

[Getting ready to show me a new dress]:
K: This will freakin' KNOCK your FEET off!!

A: Grandma Alli is going to come sleep at our new house.
K: But she might be afraid of our pet alligator.
A: Alligator?....
K: Yeah. We're going to get one for our new house. And it's going to have a baby.
A: I see. And where are they going to live?
K: In a fish tank. With our pet baby sharks.

"I am the princess of the United States!"

"I shrunk in the swamp of sadness" [as she throws herself dramatically to the floor]

K: I love you more than ice cream.
A: I love your more than Disneyland.
K: I love you more than Harley.
A: I love you more than flowers.
K: I love you more than ALLLLL the world.
A: Wow. That's a lot. I love you more than the universe.
K: I love you more than my bike. Well, no- I love you the same as my bike.

[She loves to make up songs to sing to me. Here is one she recently made up]:
"... Your nooose....is your favorite nose.... and your mouuuth.... has teeeeeth... and liiiiips.... and a uvula.... "

"When I turn into 35, I will be in charge of you! And taller than you!!"


Sara said...

Wow, she knows the word uvula? That is impressive!! She is hysterical! I need to get better about writing down the things Brad says. You are so good about it - what great memories!!

the mom said...


I fully expect that she will keep me in hysterics for 10 days while you're in Hawaii....

These pics you've taken of her are really beautiful.

Monica said...

You inspire me to start writing down the things my kids say. They really do say some pretty whacky things. She is adorable!

Jennifer said...

Those are great Kennedyisms, and those photos are soooo adorable. :) I guess you already know you are in for a heap of trouble when she is older though. Better start preparing now!

Raising Helm said...

Holy Crap she is cute! hilarious and beautiful just like you! good luck with the laundry, the alligator, the sharks and of course your princess who will run your world when she is 35. I think she makes a good point. She may be taller??? Have you thought about drama classes ha ha ha- who needs classes when you have Kennedy

Anonymous said...

How cute!! Do you write these down after she says them or do you just have a remarkable memory? Anyhow, the "doomed" comment is my favorite:)

Michelle said...

Those are amazing, she is sooo photogenic!

I love the made up song the best.

Sharee and Court said...

Oh my goodness! I love that she shrunk in a swamp of sadness!! That one was my fave!!

Lauren said...

She is the funniest. Christopher and I get a kick out of the Kennedyisms.

Kristin said...

I am so glad you are writing these down! These are priceless, and had me laughing out loud. I'm glad you rate as high as the bike. You've gotta feel pretty good about that, because you know she loves that bike. :)

I'd like to hear more about this swamp of sadness she shrunk into. Sounds intriguing.

melanie33 said...

I completely understand kennedy... I often feel doomed when someone says I can't eat.

Irene said...

She looks so darling in the dress and she is suck a little model, cute poses. I don't have a favorite in her sayings, they are all soooooooooo Funnnnnnnnnnny.

Irene said...

She looks so darling in the dress and she is suck a little model, cute poses. I don't have a favorite in her sayings, they are all soooooooooo Funnnnnnnnnnny.