Thursday, May 7, 2009

More backyard fun

In case there was any question on the matter, not that there would be, I will now clarify it for you: I am a bit of a nerd. I know you're probably shocked at my assessment. However, I have learned to accept it and, with time, hopefully you will be able to as well.

Why am I a nerd? I am borderline [completely] obsessed with the numerous varieties of flora adorning my back yard. And front yard. Whenever I discover there is a new blossom or a new green growth or whatnot, I call my mother (because Justin has a hard time pretending to care) and squeal with excitement at my discoveries. And I will now share them with you.

This is my Kwanzan Flowering Cherry.

I mean just LOOK at these babies!!! Oh my gosh I think I'm in love.

And yes, you've seen this before. But not like THIS. My Japanese maple. Fully leafed and proud of it.

Ok and yes. You've seen this before, too. BUT not close up. And it's just so adorable that it makes the front page of my blog twice this spring. (The Aubretia growing on my waterfall.)

And my most recent discovery made me squeal in a mousey-like voice saying "OH MY GOSH THEY ARE SO CUTE!!!!!"

I think they are crocuses. They're a bit taller than ones I have seen, but I can't think of what else they would be. Any thoughts?

All I know is that if I wasn't completely in love before, I sure as hell am, now.

And if that isn't enough excitement for one day, here's more. Kennedy is learning how to roller blade. My sweet grandmother let Kennedy take a pair home from her house and so we went out yesterday and she tried them out. She had a blast.

It's finally been warm enough outside to actually enjoy it! I love springtime.

p.s. I have a whole bunch of Kennedyisms ready to come your way. If the laundry fairy comes to my house maybe I'll have time to do it this weekend. Oh- the laundry fairy had better call the bathroom fairy and the floor-cleaning fairy, too. Hm...


Michelle said...

You are not a nerd! We lovers of flora and fauna are amazing people who appreciate nature. Nerds are Bill nerds at that.

I hear my Allicat will be watching your adorable daughter for a bit while you go on vacation! How nice for you guys. And what a great mom you have.

I love the pics of your trees and flowers.

Sara said...

Get those fairies over here when you're done with them! ;) I can't believe she's on rollerblades, that's awesome!! Your yard is gorgeous! Thx for the comment btw, I don't feel that skinny yet (still have 10 lbs to go to reach my post baby body goal!) so all encouragement and affirmation is greatly appreciated! ;-)

Smiley Family said...

I don't think you are a nerd at all. In fact I am a bit jealous of your knowledge - mine is seriously lacking in that area. Can't wait for the kennedyisms:)

the mom said...

AAAGGGHHHH!!!!!!! A Kwanzan!!!! It is simply perfection - especially considering that you and I talk about Kwanzan Cherry trees every spring and how much we love them.

I love, LOVE, LOVE your flora!!! It makes me so happy to see it!

And I love those little white flowers too - we had then planted at our home in West Valley, and I planted some at Unionwood too... ordered them through the Spring Hill Bulb catalog. They are very sweet and you'll love their name too:

Star of Bethelehem(Don't you love that I know that :)I'm so looking forward to seeing it all in person next week!

the mom said...

I don't know why my last few lines ran into each other - they weren't doing that in the preview!!!

Shopgirl1483 said...

I almost did a spring bloom post myself. so i'm glad to see you've done one. you have some beautiful trees in your yard.

and i'm glad kennedy is wearing knee guards!

Jennifer said...

So beautiful!! I love those beautiful trees especially. Those Star of Bethlehem flowers are very sweet. :)

Lauren said...

I've accepted that you're a nerd. And I love you for it. I would be so excited to have a yard with pretty things growing in it too!

Ashley Rae said...

@Michelle- Yes I'm SO excited for my mom to come visit!! Isn't she just so wonderful?

@Mom- I totally thought of you when I found out it was a Kwanzan! :) And I'm so glad you know what the white flower is. What would I do without you??

Erin and Daryl said...

Oh I like what you mentioned about the cleaning fairy. If you ever do meet her will you please have her come to my house. I got lots to do too....expecially the fact that its warm outside and all you wanna do is look at the pretty flowers in the garden and play with your kids and do yard work...OH man...I'm loving spring and getting ready for the summer time too:)

Brandon said...

"Yeer a neeeeerrrrd!" :) - but a talented and "cool" nerd, right? Your garden's looking great. I can only imagine how your magical touch will make it look 3 months or 2 years from now!

Monica said...

That flowering cherry is gorgeous! The kids and I went for a walk the other day and came across one of those. I had Ben pick some for me. We put them in a little vase. Soooo Pretty.

Kristin said...

I am so happy about your discoveries. What beautiful trees!! And you can't help being a flora-nerd. You come for a long line of women who simply delight in touring their gardens. Me, I want nothing to do with weeding my garden - I want someone else to do that for me - I just want to admire and enjoy it.

Irene said...

Your trees are simple gorgeous. the K. cherry tree is almost as beautiful as mine is ( well maybe yours is prettier than mine). I know exactly how you feel when you find a new little blossom of any flower. Isn't life wonderful with the beautiful flowers and trees and shurbs? HAPPY, HAPPY.
Kennedy was so fun to tend. She is doing well on the roller blades even if they are bit large for her. Hurry and get your work done so you can post the kennedyisms.