Monday, April 20, 2009

baom. That's "moab" backwards.

I will try my best to let the pictures speak for themselves. Try. Because I know it can get tiring reading a bunch of words on a page. However, I have been known to be long-winded. So all I can do is try. And don't give me this "There is no try, only do" Yoda crap. Because I'm trying.

I give you: Our adventures in Moab.

We drove down Saturday morning, and this was in the back seat:

The sun was too bright for her to see her little video game thingy, so she put the blanket over her head. About 10 minutes into it she realized that having a blanket-over-your-head + moving vehicle = car sick. She abstained from playing the video game any more on this trip. Instead she decided to whine and ask the ultimate question "Are we there, yet?"

We arrived around noon, and our friends Jeffrey & Sarah had scoped out and claimed an awesome camping spot for us. We hung out for a bit and hiked up to a rock.

[click any picture to enlarge, of course]

(Kennedy and her bff Jackson)

And this truck stopped by our camp site offering to sell wood for $5. How much wood, you ask? "As much as you can carry!", according to the man in the truck. Well, our good friend Jeffrey jumped into the truck to help load all the wood into Justin's arms. He wanted to get his money's worth.

Then we met up with our other friends (who stayed in a hotel) and drove up to Dead Horse Point (where the river curves around like a horseshoe).

Pic of the girls:

The whole gang:

We went back to camp, played around and made s'mores and "smeese's"! (Smeese's are when you use a Reese's pb cup instead of chocolate. Yum.)

And I saw a beautiful sunset.

In the morning we had pancakes, eggs and bacon. Kennedy and Jackson found "blueberries" and were making their own blueberry breakfast, courtesy of the nearby juniper bush. I'm so glad that Jackson came - it made it so much more fun for Kennedy.

We then went swimming at the hotel and then we went up to the famous Delicate Arch.

After hearing lots of "I can't walk anymore." "My legs don't work." "Carry me!" and "My feet are sore." (all from Kennedy- not Justin. He just said things like "MAN! This has GOT to be farther than 1.5 miles..."), we made it to the top. And it was well worth it.

The drive home was much quieter than on the way there. This is probably why:


the mom said...

Looks like you guys had a blast.... and I'm glad Kennedy got to spend some time with her beau. Is the engagement back on?

"Of COURSE they're juniper berries... they're juniper BUSHES!" (Brian, Life of Brian)

Ashley Rae said...

LOL- I knew there was a quote to go along with it! I couldn't think of it when we were there. But every time I said "juniper berries" I sort of chuckled to myself- and I had no idea why. Now I do.

Shopgirl1483 said...

wow, you did a way better job of summarizing that me. what a fun trip though!

Michelle said...

Gorgeous photos, I love that you fill up your posts with such great shots.

I also love that your mom knows the quotes from Life of Brian or any M. Python movie...she is brilliant of course.

Sarah said...

Oh don't you just love Moab?!
What a fun trip.
And great pics.
... I also kinda secretly like your dialogue along with it. :)

Kristin said...

This looks like so much fun. I'm really glad you get away like this with friends.

Raising Helm said...

Long winded? I am guilty of that in every blog of mine. Sorry, I don't think I will change. You did good. Loved the pictures and it made me so ready for a trip, even if it is camping. I think some of those are the best. Glad you had fun. Way to toughin' up Kennedy and Justin-ha ha

Smiley Family said...

Looks like so much fun! I haven't been to Moab for years and I really want to go back - especially now that I've read your post and looked at the the beautiful pics! Oh, and I really want to try a smeese.

Earl & Girls said...

The pictures were great. It looked beautiful and like it was a lot of fun. I can't believe how big Kennedy is getting.

Irene said...

What a fun trip:o) I LOVE reading all that you write, you're very entertaining with your writing. Pictures are great and I'm so happy Jackson went so Kennedy would have a fun time too. Thanks for posting about the trip and your friends

Jennifer said...

That looks like a fun trip! Thank you for sharing your adventure with us. :)

wurstens5 said...

So fun, I love Moab! We were there in March, and I want to go back.