Thursday, April 23, 2009


Owning a house is cool. This is why:

- If you feel like knocking down a wall you can totally do it.

- You are no longer "throwing" money away into the endless black hole called "rent."

- You can say "come over to my house" and really mean it (as opposed to "come over to the duplex I am currently residing in which I do not own but for which I pay rent to the lady up the street")

- You have a yard for your dog(s). And kid(s).

- You don't have neighbors above you so you don't have to be annoyed at 1 in the morning when they're having a party and they're stomping around and you're trying to go to sleep but you can't because there are people dropping bowling balls above your bed (at least that's what it sounds like).

- You don't have neighbors below you. So you can stomp all you want. And drop bowling balls.

- All of the outside walls are yours. They are not shared with anybody. So you can run, scream and yell as loud as you want. Which we do often.

- Paint. Any wall. Any color.

Last but not least:

- You have your very own garden.

A cool thing about moving into a previously owned home is discovering the cool (or not-so-cool) stuff they have planted. I have been anxiously awaiting the flora to awaken, this spring. And it has not disappointed. For the most part. I knew that the previous owners had lived here for a few years and had let everything die (including all the grass in the backyard- but that will be another post), because they were lazy or something, so I wasn't expecting much.

First, here's a pic of the backyard (in March):

Yes, I have my own garden shed. It is pretty much the most awesome thing ever. It comes fully equipped with a sink.

And no, your eyes doth not deceive you, my friends. That is a pond. With a rock waterfall.

Full of 3-4 years worth of nasty decaying leaves and other smelly crap. HOWEVER. After spending roughly 4-5 hours raking the leaves out, dumping buckets full of water out and nearly gagging and passing out from the stench, I can see the potential. And right now there are some freaking beautiful flowers growing on it. (Aubretia)

It makes me happy. Soon we will have it all cleaned out and running. And perhaps allow some fish to live in it. If they're lucky.

I have also found other things in the backyard which please me.

Flowering plum (non-fruiting):
(ignore the ugly fence and blue a/c thingy.)

And there's also a tree next to the pond that isn't quite blossoming yet- and I think it's a Redbud. Happiness abound.

And I THINK this one is a pear tree. Although I'm hoping it's a peach. I'll find out in a few months, I suppose. What sucks is that it requires lots of pruning (since it has been so neglected. poor baby).

But my most recent discovery is this:

A ginormous Japanese Maple. I'm in love.

And because she's so cute, here's a picture of Little Miss K.

...who also loves having a backyard. Today she was "digging holes" for the potato bugs and nice ants to live in. She's so thoughtful.


the mom said...

I LOVE your flowering plum - it's gorgeous! And the aubretia tumbling over the rocks is so beautiful. And I know how know how wonderful a Japanese maple is - that's probably the most expensive tree in the yard.

Can't wait to see it in person.... you've really got a great canvas to create your own garden masterpiece!

Chris said...

I love those trees!!!!! That stuff just does not grow here. And the pond!! You have a nice big backyard for Kennedy to cavort in. You guys are gonna have so much fun with it. Congrats.

Shopgirl1483 said...

what a fun backyard for you guys. gardening for you and digging holes for kennedy. and i bet that pond will be so tranquil when it's all cleaned up. congrats!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE and am jealous of your mature trees. We only have 3 trees in our yard and they are the generic ones that the builder put in all along our street. I would LOVE to have a big fruit tree in my backyard!! And I love your fishpond-very cool!

Sarah said...


Jennifer said...

Looks like you have quite a few great plants and a beautiful pond to start you out on your gardening journey! I am looking forward to see what you do with it all!! I'm sure really will transform it into your own garden masterpiece. :)

Smiley Family said...

Yeah for home ownership!! If that were my house, I'd have to turn the garden shed into an art studio :)

Kristin said...

This is my favorite post you have given us this year. I enjoy all your posts, but this one really made me smile.

I wish I could come visit your new little house with its garden of surprises.

Irene said...

Oh Ash I love it, love it, love it! I can hardly wait to see it up close and personal :o) I love the trees that are in bloom and the abretia looks fantastic cascading over the rocks ;O) I'm sooooooo happy for you. I look forward to a tour of your garden. .