Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fate? Apparently not.

I get to work this morning and a few co-workers tell me that American Idol is being filmed in OUR building (upstairs)- with Randy, Paula and Simon. Fate? Coincidence? Too soon to tell. Suddenly they're all encouraging me to go up there and demand a second chance. What do I have to lose? Public humiliation? Escorted out of the building in which I work? Being arrested? Eh.

I get up my courage (and my ID badge from work in case they DO try to escort me out) and go up to the floor on which they're filming. I exit the elevator...

Security guard #1: Hi- are you so-and-so?
Me: Uh... no.
Security guard #1: Oh, ok. Sorry, I thought you were someone else.
Me: Oh ok. [Completely shocked he didn't throw me out right then and there]

So I walk passed him and into the big room with the auditioners (and MANY other security guards). I run into a friend of mine and we talk briefly (and quietly so those guards don't hear me). She leaves to go somewhere and I swiftly start walking away from the authorities. I hear a voice from behind me.

Security guard #2: Ma'am?

Dang it. Ignore him... just ignore him...

Security guard #2: Excuse me, Ma'am?
Me: Yes? [Don't call me "Ma'am"]
Security guard #2: Do you work here?
Me: Yes, I work in the building.
Security guard #2: Here?
Me: Uh... downstairs....
Security guard #2: Are you here for American Idol?
Me: ...yesss....
Security guard #2: Are you a guest??
Me: ... no..... but um... I auditioned back in July, and I think I should get a second chance [totally regretting coming up here, at this point]
Security guard #2: I'm sorry, Ma'am, but you need to leave
Me: Can I please just have a second chance [what do I really have to lose at this point?]
Security guard #2: No, I'm sorry. You have to leave.
Me: Ok, thanks.

As I'm walking toward the elevators I see someone else I know and begin talking to her.

Security guard #2: [Obviously following me to make sure I leave] Ma'am- you need to go downstairs. Now.
Me: Ok. [If you call me "Ma'am" one more time, I'll give you a reason to arrest me]

Fate? Definitely not. I'm leaning toward a stupid coincidence. At least they didn't arrest me. And at least I can't say I didn't try. Again.


Shopgirl1483 said...

aw man. i was on pins and needles reading that story.

you should have just lied and said you were here for your audition but the big number they give you didn't go with your outfit.

the mom said...

LOL... oh, I love your courage. You know, I think it was fate if only to give you a great blog entry : )

You're my hero.

Sarah said...

dude that's totally crazy that they ended up in your building. And way to have guts and head on up there. I agree with your friend above, you should have just said you were there to audition :)(mind you this commment is comming from someone who never even would have had the guts to audition in the first place). You Rock!!

Janica said...

Im SOO glad you went up there! Way to give it another try even though they are obviously complete IDIOTS! hehe

Smiley Family said...

Well, I give you props for trying. Too bad the guard didn't let you in, I am sure you would have blown those judges away!

melanie33 said...

Dang! i was hoping that you formed a sudden sit in like they did in the 60's and started pumping your fist in the air and chanting "hell no, we won't go!" until they gave you a second listen.
But that would have quickly turned into like, an arrest or something and i guess that is something that you don't want. (but it could have gotten you a day off work)
anyway, it's good you tried!!

Shopgirl1483 said...

i saw the american idol crew on the news last night commenting on whether or not they thing utah has talent. and i was totally thinking of you!!!

Jennifer said...

Very courageous!! You know I never would have done that! But, I'm also horribly afraid of rejection. I think being brave like you would be a lot more fun! Way to go!! I say try again! :)

CAMI said...

Ok first off I am sad I missed the shower! And it dose seem like every one is prego huh! Definitely stay away from the water!- plus your diaper cake is way cute!
The picture of the twins cuddling is so cute!
Christian bale is very hot and I always want chocolate!
And lastly I think its good you went up if you didin't you'd always wonder what would have happened!

Lindsey said...

you got balls! And good for you for trying to get a second chance!! Stupid guards. It would have been a much different blog post had you been arrested.

Chris said...

What building do you work in and why were they filming there?? Good for you, trying your hardest for a second chance. I think you should have had your friend flash the cop, distracting him, and then take off to where those cameras were rolling. Ah, maybe next time.

Amanda said...

Ashley you are so funny! You can be pretty bold sometimes! I would be way too scared!

Ashlee said...

Ok, so you totally didnt tell me this story. This is why we are such good friends, I would NEVER have the courage to do this, so I live vicariously through you.