Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A peek into my mind

Here's what I've been thinking about today:

- Avoiding chocolate/sweets is a LOT harder when you work at a place where there are candy bowls at every corner and cookies in the kitchen.

- It's even difficult when you're at home, and there's no chocolate in sight, so you go to the cupboard and pull out the cake mix, pour some into a small (big) bowl and mix it with water to have your chocolate fix. (Not that I've ever done it. I've just heard that it makes it difficult to avoid eating chocolate.)

- It's much easier to gain weight than to lose weight.

- The economy is super-sucky right now.

- I think people should check their facts about politics before forwarding stupid e-mails (

- Kennedy is the love of my life.

- I love the smell of wassail. It's very nostalgic. My mom used to make it every year around Christmas.

- Saying you're really good at something doesn't necessarily make it true.

- My dog's breath stinks.

- It's pretty sad when the most exercise I get during the day is walking up and down the stairs in my house.

- I need to get my hair done.

- I need a new wardrobe.

- I need more chocolate.

- I need to be better at distinguishing between my needs and wants.

- Christian Bale is hot.

- Kennedy is the cutest ballerina I have ever seen.

- I'm SO glad I'm done with school and I wish I could say the same about work, which is what I should be doing right now instead of blogging.

- I'm excited to see the baby twins tonight!

Those are my thoughts, currently. What's on your mind?


Sarah said...

I wish I didn't have to worry about money and could buy anything my heart desired....
I also wish I didn't want so much so I wouldn't have to worry about money.....
I hate thinking about money.
Oh, and I love spending time with Alexia!! She brings meaning to my life!

Sarah said...

PS I totally know what you mean about the chocolate cake... I mean not that I have tried it before either. :)

Sarah said...
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Jennifer said...

I have some chocolates filled with caramel here at my house that I am trying to get rid of actually. You should come take them off my hands! I tried to give them all away during my Relief Society Lesson on Sunday, but that didn't work. So, I tried to give them away at a toastmasters meeting Brandon had here tonight. That didn't completely work either. I still have some left!!

the mom said...

Mmmmm chocolate.... and Halloween is right around the corner. Good luck staying away from it!

It's not fair that it's so much easier to gain weight than lose it....

Mmmmm, wassail. Maybe we'll have some when I come to town again!

Harley's breath DOES stink!

Most on my mind these days? How much I want Obama to be our next president. Pleast vote for him.

melanie33 said...

my thoughts....
christian bale is hot... but why can a guy with crooked teeth be loved by all amercia but a girl is just told to fix her grill?
i am glad you get to see those babies, but glad they are not mine.
i like chocolate.
i like it a lot.
i wonder if i could stay away from chocolate?
nope, pretty sure i won't even try.
i am a wimp.
i wonder what you do for work?
i am glad that i am done with school too and done with work so far...
i think all animals breath stinks.
right now, i think mine does too...

Shopgirl1483 said...

i agree with you on most of your thoughts.

also, i just saw "the women" and theres this part where meg ryan is depressed and gets out a stick of butter and dips it in cocoa powder then in milk and takes a big bite of it. i almost threw up. that does NOT sound good. i may write a blog about that.
but your cake mix idea DOES sound good.

Janica said...

okay so to comment on the last one I saw the women last night. Im pretty sure she dipped it in cocoa and then sugar. But yes I also wanted to vomit! It was one of the grossest things I have ever seen!!!!

as far as my mind...I have way too much going on in it to sort through it to get it out on here. wow, even that sentence doesnt really make sense!

Lisa said...

mmmmm...Christian Bale. ahahhaha! I bet you thought I was saying yum about the cake... on second thought..that sounds good too!

Angelique Archuleta said...

You're so funny, I really need to check into your blog more often.