Monday, September 22, 2008

So long, summer.

Today is bitter-sweet. It's officially the first day of Fall. I love summer- the sun, the heat, no school, the swimming, playing outdoors, bbq-ing, etc, and I'm quite sad to see it end. But I also love Fall- the crisp autumn air, not dripping sweat every time you walk down the street, the colorful leaves, "sweater weather", Halloween, and also the following holidays... It's a good season.

To commemorate this momentous occasion, I went with some of Justin's family, yesterday, to Sundance (Provo Canyon), to ride the ski lift and see the fabulous changing leaves. It was absolutely gorgeous. It reminds me why I like living in Utah. (I know, Mom, don't rub it in that Seattle is better. I already know. I'm just trying to be appreciative of what I have.)

Ok- if you go to Sundance, you have to buy a lollipop. They are so good. I mean, who's ever heard of an "orange cream" or "cookies and cream" flavored lollipop? I know I hadn't.

Say hi!

Just beautiful. It almost makes me forget that we live in a desert.
Goofy cousins.

They had to go play in the river, of course, and I was completely impressed with Kennedy's balancing skills. I may sign her up for tight-rope classes.

Her facial expression kind of scares me in this picture.
(Oh- and Justin had to miss out on this event because he was working. Being responsible sucks, sometimes.)

So... Fall is nice. But winter? Bleh. I think it should stay through Thanksgiving and Christmas. And then it should just end. Spring should start in January and continue until June. Let's petition. Who's with me?


the mom said...

oooh pretty! I love the beautiful fall colors too. Things are just barely starting to change here.... I'm hoping that with our wetter than usual spring/summer we'll have an especially colorful year.

I love those pics of Kennedy crossing the stream - I'm glad you're getting good use of your camera.

And yes, I vote that winter only be around from December 1 - January 15. After that it's time for spring.

Jennifer said...

So beautiful!! Yes, where is that petition anyway, I want to sign!

melanie33 said...



Smiley Family said...

I LOVE fall! By far my favorite season. And I totally agree that it just needs to last longer - I'm pretty sure it is the shortest season. We did the ski lift at Sundance a few years back and your post makes me really want to go back. I'll have to talk Brian into taking us soon.

Chris said...

I miss Autumn. Here, it's 'hot' and 'warm'. I don't know where the seasons fall into those categories. It's still 104 here, UGH. (I know, quit bitchin and move)

Sarah said...

Im with ya!
And I love the shots of Kennedy crossing the water. so cute!

wurstens5 said...

Very pretty. I may have to take a trip to the mountains this weekend. I do miss Utah though. Your little girls is so cute. She looks just like you.

Shopgirl1483 said...

i'm with you on the winter stuff.

Lindsey said...

I love the picture of you and Kennedy! So cute! And Kennedy looks so beautiful in those pics!

Michelle said...

I am so JEALOUS. It's supposed to be 103 in Phoenix tomorrow. We get excited when the 99 degrees sad.

Cute pics! Thanks for sharing.

Kaija said...

Kennedy is so beautiful! She totally looks like a little Ashley running around!!

Kevan and Jill said...

I'm so with you on the seasons thing. Love all seasons but winter. How does Kennedy keep getting cuter and cuter?

Sara said...

Hi Ashley!
I'm glad you found my blog. Your daughter is so cute, I can't believe how big she is!! I totally agree with you, Winter should starat on Thanksgiving, go until Jan. 1 and then turn immediately into Spring until June. I've actually told many people that when I create my own world, that is exactly what will happen! ;-) I love winter for Christmastime and that's it! I am having another boy to answer your question. Hope to hear from you soon!

Janica said...

okay i totally see what you are saying about your new camera...those pics are AMAZING! i guess it is all about the camera and not the one behind it...hehe!!