Monday, July 7, 2008


MORE family fun, if you can believe it. I know I can't.

Do you know why I loved the 4th of July, this year?
No, not because of our country. Good guess, though.

I have a much better reason: I had the day off and I was able to spend time with the whole fam damily. Hooray for no work!

We started off the day of Independence by going to the Sugarhouse Arts Festival. Kennedy was super excited to get her face painted.

She is totally my daughter. That is the exact one I would have chosen for myself. I'm so proud.

And, although I look it, I'm not pregnant. Horizontal stripes are completely UNflattering.

After the fun-ness in good 'ol Sugarhouse, we went to see Wall-E, which I would highly recommend. I've heard some reviews that are not in agreement with my own, but when does anyone else really know what they're talking about, anyway, right? How does Pixar make a rusty old robot so freaking cute you just want to kiss and squeeze it? I don't know- but they did it.She's standing in front of the Wall-E sign at the movie theatre, but since I am still camera-less and my phone has very limited picture-taking capabilities, the result is a crappy-quality picture with a very cute subject.

That night we went to Janica's house for a kickin' bbq and fireworks, and we formed our very own stellar rockband and played...Rockband. We were awesome and are hoping to get signed on with a huge record label. I'm expecting her to post pictures of that, soon. (Get on that, would ya, Janica? ;) )

Last night, to finish off the lovely "no work on 4th of July" weekend, we had fun at my in-law's house.

The kids had potato sack (pillowcase) races. Apparently Kennedy was resisting the urge to take a potty break.
Papa Calvin's skill at being a mechanic sure provides for a very elegant backdrop.

She's so fast that even my amazing camera phone couldn't focus in on her. And she was being a cheater. She ran.

Justin was sick of the kids not knowing how to do it "properly," so he got in there to show them all how it was done. It was the sexiest thing I had ever seen.

Hope you all had a great 4th! I can't wait to read about it :)


Michelle said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed Wall-E!

You do not look pregnant in that picture.

Cute Family.

melanie33 said...

Ya ditto to the above comment. If that is what you call looking pregnant, then when I am pregnant I must resemble the mother killer whale carrying quads. and unfortunately for me this is not an overstatement.

the mom said...

I want to see Wall-E! Both you and Michelle have raved about it now and I really must see it.

I love the face painting - and yes, that flower is very you : ) Her mother's daughter!

My 4th was uneventful. I celebrated my sister's birthday however, and not Independence Day. Unfortunately, she lives several hours away so I didn't get to actually spend any time with her in celebration....

Smiley Family said...

Yeah, I guess I am one of those who doesn't know what I talking about cause Wall.e sucked! But I am glad you enjoyed it :)

Angelique said...

very cute. im a little offended that i wasn't invited to the 4th of july party at the ormonds. i may have to talk to that girl. anyway looks like you had a good time. it's nice to get some time off im sure!

Sarah said...

I know I say it all the time, but you guys are such a cute little family. I love snooping on your blog! You always make me laugh!

Shopgirl1483 said...

i forgot how you pretty much RULE rockband. you are the only person i know who can sing AND play guitar!

i dont know that many people that play rockband, so maybe i'm not the best one to judge. but whatever, you still RULE!!