Monday, July 21, 2008


I've been pretty absent from the world wide web, lately, and I apologize. But I am back... at least until someone walks by my office. And then I will quickly pretend like I am actually working. Oh- here comes someone.


He's gone. We're good.

As some of you know, and others of you don't, a few years ago I auditioned for American Idol in Austin, Texas (while I was living in Dallas). No, I didn't make it (obviously). Although, through that experience I realized that the entire audition process is not at ALL what it appears to be on the television. Shocked? Don't be.

Basically the first audition is a cattle call with thousands of people (at my audition there were roughly 7,000 people, but it's been as high as 30,000 in some audition cities) inside a huge arena, like the Delta Center (or, as it's now called, "Energy Solutions Arena." Don't get me started on how stupid I think the new name is). There are about 10-14 tables set up on the floor, 2 "judges" at each table, each table divided by a curtain. Who are these judges? Some of them are producers of the show, and others, I've heard, are "talent scouts." Auditioning is an all-day process, beginning around 10:00 (although you need to be there by 6:00 to do some dumb television things, like have everyone yell "WE LOVE YOU, SIMON!!").

As you are called up by section, 4 auditioners go up to each table at the same time, each sing their heart out for 15-30 seconds, and get rejected or put through to the next round. I saw some AMAZINGLY talented (and beautiful) singers get rejected. And some not-so-hot and not-so-talented ones get passed on to the next round (oh- and there are 3 additional rounds before you get to actually see the "Big 3." Another falsification brought to you by Fox).

So after waiting for about 6 hours, it was finally my turn to step up to the plate. The three other people in line with me were all girls, and all very talented. I was last. I belted my brains out, hoping to be "passed," but not expecting it. The judges (one guy and one girl) smiled, and the girl said "All of you have great voices, but you're not what we're looking for right now." And we all walked down the Hall of Shame.

(Here comes a co-worker. I'll be right back)


I'm back.
I was not at all upset or annoyed with the process- I just found out that it was not a talent competition, but a TV show. It was fun to go and experience it. After having done it once, I had said I wouldn't take the trip to go audition, again, unless they came to Salt Lake. Well, guess what? They're coming to Salt Lake. Janica called me to tell me I should audition, and of course, I always do what my friends tell me to do.
So I'm auditioning. This time, however, I will be going with a completely different mind-set . I know that it is basically luck that anyone gets through. It's possible they are supposed to only let in every 343rd person. So maybe I'll be that 343rd person. Or it might depend on which table you go to, or which hair-do they're looking for, or what color of shoes you are wearing. That said, if I'm in the right place at the right time, I'll get through. If not, oh well. I'm going for the experience and that 1-2% chance that I *might* make it.

Auditions are Tuesday, July 29th. Wish me luck.


melanie33 said...

I did not know this about you! And that is not surprising because all I know about you is all you have written about. (which btw you are a pretty talented writer yourself)
back to the point... I think this is super cool that you doing this. I will root for you and wish you luck.. (good luck) I will also hope that you don't have to be next to some herd of freaks that tend to flock to AI.
okay, and here is what I think you should do... (I know you are very interested in what I think) I think you should like post a video or audio of you singing. I would like to hear. What are you thinking of belting out to them talent scouts? What are you planning to wear? (no statue of liberty costume, I hope)
please give me more info. as you can see, i am in desperate need of it.

the mom said...

Energy Solutions Arena??? Are you serious??? Thank god I moved to Seattle before this happened....

Well, that stupidity aside, I'm delighted you're auditioning again. And I love that you involve me in the process even though I'm a thousand miles away.... texting me photos of possible audition-wear while you're in the dressing room, singing songs over the phone :)

I think you're attitude going in is great. And if you get in - you know i still own the domain name :) I think we let slip away from our grasp....

Let's figure out how to post the recordings you made last night!

Shilo said...

I say go for it!!!
What have you got to lose...You are a lot braver than me, but then again probably tons more talented than me as well.
Good luck!

Jeff said...

Good luck, I will be cheering for you. It's good you take chances like this.

Anonymous said...

I love your voice ( and you :o) ) the songs I like best. Smile and the dance one. GOOD LUCK!