Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bipolar, Gemini or 4-yr old drama queen?

(Saturday morning)

Kennedy: Wake up, mom!
Me: [not sure if I'm really awake, yet] Good morning, sunshine.
Kennedy: I want some oatmeal. Will you make me some oatmeal?
Me: Uh, sure. Do you want to go play in your room for a few minutes, first? [hoping she'll say yes so I can actually sleep in for once]
Kennedy: No, I'm really hungry. I want oatmeal.
Me: Ok. Let's go.

[I groggily drag myself up the stairs to the kitchen to whip her up some tasty oatmeal.]

Kennedy: Mom, thanks for getting me some oatmeal.
Me: [smiling and commending myself for raising such a polite child] You're very welcome.
Kennedy: [noticing that the oatmeal is Blueberry flavored] NO, MOM!! I DON'T WANT BLUEBERRY OATMEAL!!!! I WANT STRAWBERRY!!!
Me: [fully awake, now, thanks to the outburst] Kennedy, we don't behave like that. Blueberry is the only kind we have left.
Kennedy: But I want STRAWBERRY! I don't LIKE BLUEBERRY!
Me: If you don't want it, you don't have to have any breakfast. This is what we have, and this is what you'll eat if you're hungry.
Kennedy: [letting out a frustrated sigh] Fine. ... Mom?
Me: Yes, honey?
Kennedy: Can I please have some bunny milk? [i.e. Strawberry Nesquick]
Me: Yes you may, thank you for asking nicely.
Kennedy: Thank you for getting me bunny milk, mom. I love you.


[After playing "royal ball" with her princess dolls]
Me: Ok, Kennedy, time for bed!

[With no argument, she swiftly runs to her bedroom to pick out her pajamas and then skips to the bookshelf to pick out a book. We meet at her bed where she has 6 books displayed nicely for me to see]

Kennedy: Mom, what book do you want to read?
Me: Hm... I think we should read Mickey and the Beanstalk.
Kennedy: No. Now tell me to pick.
Me: [Dreading another princess story and wondering why she even bothers asking me what I'd like to read when she knows I'm not going to pick another freaking princess story] Ok, Kennedy, you pick.
Kennedy: Twelve Dancing Princesses [Wow. That's a big shocker.]

[After reading the longest story on her bookshelf...]

Kennedy: Ok, now put my covers on, please.
[I start to put her pink floral blanket on her]
Kennedy: NO! I don't WANT that blanket!! I want the OTHER pink one!!!!
Me: You don't get any blankets if you talk to me like that.
Kennedy: [in a really fake, sweet, high-pitched voice] Mommy? Can you please get the other pink blanket on me? Please?
Me: [Laughing. But only on the inside] Yes, honey. Thank you for asking nicely.

After I get her all tucked in, I lean down to give her a hug. She squeezes me really tight, the way I love it, and I squeeze right back.

Kennedy: [as she's still nearly choking me] *sigh* Mom- I want to hug you for a long time.
Me: Me too, Kennedy.
Kennedy: You stay here and hug me for a long, long, long time. And in the morning, we can still hug! [she says this like it's an incredibly brilliant idea she's just come up with]
Me: Oh baby, I would love to hug you all night. [I really, really would.]
Kennedy: Ok. Then do it.
[After explaining all of the reasons why I couldn't sleep next to her tonight]
Me: Goodnight, baby, I love you.
Kennedy: I love you too, mommy.

Whatever she is, Bipolar, Gemini or Drama Queen, she's mine and I love her.


the mom said...

aaahhhh.... I love this. I'm glad you are recording some of these conversations for posterity - she says some of the funniest stuff. And she's so cute and loveable I want to give her a big squeeze. Kennedy really is generous with her hugs and kisses - I love it!

Janica said...

she is sooo freakin cute! i dont believe shes bipolar just 4! Probably still getting out of the horrible 3s. At least she calms down quickly. i cant wait til our girls can play!!!

ann michele said...

love it love it love it.....that's awesome. she'd fit right in with ethan. he's my jeckle & hyde. we should hook them up. then they can totally argue about who causes the most DRAMA in the house........holy crap.

but they are cute aren't they?

Sarah said...

That was sweet! It's fun to read and see a little of her personality.
And that's funny she picks the longest book for you to read. She's a smartie!

Kaija said...

She is so cute! You have great patience! But yes, give your self credit on her politeness! So cute! Hey thanks for being like one in two people that ever look and comment on my blog! I love it! It makes me feel like at least someone reads it! Hope all is well and happy 4th!!

Angelique said...

So so funny, and sounds very familiar. I love it. You always make me laugh.

wurstens5 said...

How cute. She is a cutie, and I love what little kids say, they are so cute.

Michelle said...

She is not bi-polar, she is incredibly cute and smart just like her momma.

I can't wait until Erica starts having little girls that I can spoil and take away from her on the weekends.

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha!!! I love your daughter. Did she get that from you or Justin? Probably Justin right? Oh man little kids are great. They really tell the truth don't they? By the way... LOVE your blog. You have to teach me how to make mine cute too because I am technically challenged:)

Shopgirl1483 said...

ha ha! i love it when justin tells her "pink breakfast" stories.

1. pink oatmeal.
2. pink milk
3. pink bowl
4. pink spoon

all while wearing a princess outfit.