Monday, June 30, 2008

A little late

Bear Lake pictures!

Since I really should be working right now instead of "blogging," this will be short and succinct.

I want to go back. I miss the weather- sunny but not too hot. I miss the water, the sand, the light, fresh breezes. I miss the camping and hanging out around the campfire and gazing up at the innumerable mass of stars. I miss not having a schedule or deadlines and just being able to relax.

We had a blast playing volleyball in the water

Dirty Kennedy.

Some of the girls on the beach.

Kickin' it like a mo-fo on the wave-runner.

Mommy and Kennedy.

Clean Kennedy. (Notice my gun-show worthy biceps in the shadow? Or maybe that's the relief society flab that makes them look so large.)

Oh well. Back to reality and my desk FULL of papers to be reviewed.


Angelique said...

looks like a lot of fun! camping is the best. cute suit by the way!

melanie33 said...

I think that last picture is the most depressing sight I have ever seen. Hang in there, and if you need any help don't call me.

the mom said...

I'm SOOO glad you got to take this vacation! You need regular vacations - especially ones near water!

Anonymous said...

We were in Bear Lake THE SAME weekend!! How did we miss each other??? You guys are soo cute! Hope your doing well!

Chris (Michelle's sis) said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun!! "Dirty Kennedy" is an awsome name for a band, btw. lol

Shopgirl1483 said...

oh man, that trip was so fun!!

screw those papers on the desk. let's go back to bear lake.