Thursday, June 19, 2008

Random thoughts

Nothing noteworthy has been going on in my life, but there is a lot on my mind. I will share this valuable information with you:

1: I want some pizza and ice cream.

2: But if I eat that, I'm going to have to run a gazillion miles to work it off, and, let's face it- we all know I'm not going to do that.

3: So I'll just nibble on my rice cakes instead.

4: I'm selfless yet stupid. I took Kennedy swimming, lathered her up with sunscreen, like a good mom, yet I neglected myself.

5: My back/shoulders look like they have developed leprosy.

6: It took me 30 extra minutes to get ready this morning- peeling is very addictive.

7: I want to get a bumper sticker for my junky car that says "watch for flying parts." And then I want to buy a new car.

8: But I'm too cheap to have a car payment, so I'll have to stick with my p.o.s. car(s).

9: It's fun to hear Kennedy use bigger words such as "certainly," "frustrated" and "absolutely."

10: Taking tap and ballet at age 25 probably isn't as easy as it would have been if I had taken it when I was younger and more agile.

11: There are many adjectives you could use to describe me... "graceful" isn't one of them.

12: Time seriously CRAWLS when you are waiting for a vacation (Bear Lake tomorrow!).

13: I love shoes... but wanting a different pair to match every outfit isn't justification enough for me to buy more. (According to Justin.)
14: I want a new hairstyle... but "creative" and "made of money" are a few more of those adjectives which do not apply to me.

15: I really want some pizza and ice cream. This rice cake is disgusting.


The mom said...

Random responses...

LOL to peeling is addicting... that is SOOO TRUE! Did you get any big pieces? :)

Speaking of shoes.... every time I pass a shoe store I think of that stupid video you and Ashlee showed me.... and now it is playing in my head again....

Shoes.... shoes..... these shoes rule..... these shoes suck.....

Maybe you should write a similar song about food. Food..... food... let's get some food... Pizzas rule.... rice cakes suck...."

Speaking of food, I want some watermelon.

I think we need to see a video of Kennedy - it's been too long. Video tape her reading a book and post it for us : )

And have fun at Bear Lake!

melanie33 said...

awwww. why you gotta be like that? Put a picture of some deliciously nasty pizza. it hurts me. it truly does. I will just be cursing your name tonight as I eat myself some pizza.

grandpaj said...

Thank you, I love your style!

Lisa said...

Have so much fun at Bear Lake! And thanks a I want ice cream!

Shilo said...

Too funny!
But, at least you have the will power to stick with the rice cakes and not the pizza and ice cream...
Luckily for me it is morning and too early to think about things like pizza & ice cream...
Enjoy your vacation!

ann michele said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack i just wrote this huge long comment about being obsessed with peeling and never getting a vacation and how i can't even TALK about shoes.....and stupid blogger made it all go away.

ug. that's my day for ya.

wurstens5 said...

You are too funny!!

melanie33 said...

ok still mad at you for posting those crazy delicious pictures, but my anger is quickly fading after reading your comment about missy higgins. She is fab, right? I am thinking maybe we need to have a little music exchange... you obviously have fabulous taste in music; i know i sure as crap do.

S. said...

omg! you are so funny!