Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My fixation has been fixed.

To start off, Bear Lake was awesome. Please be jealous, because it was that incredible. But there will be more of that later. Right now there is a more important issue at hand.


I think we've all established how much I'm in love with the stuff. While in Bear Lake, I was still craving it. Since I'm bossy and I tell everyone what to do, we all went out to get some pizza at Bear Lake Pizza.

What size would feed 6 hungry vacationers?...Medium? Too small. Large? Still too small. What's bigger than large, you ask?

The one and only 28" circle of heaven, Old Ephraim.
This legendary creation was named after a 10 foot bear, but that story is way too long and boring to write about.
This pizza is so big, that if your party succeeds in eating the whole thing, you get your picture on the wall!! (Oh my goodness, that is freaking incredible. Who wouldn't want their picture on the wall? We were actually trying to talk them into giving us cash if we ate the entire pizza, but they wouldn't have it.)

We were extremely confident as we strode up to the counter and put in our order for Old Ephraim. We merrily chuckled at how simple it would be for us, with our monstrous appetites, to finish this 28" challenge.
The mood quickly changed as the pizza, so large that it was being supported by 3 Bear Lake Pizza employees, was brought out to our table. Our confidence was shattered. Each piece was twice the size of my head. There was no way we could successfully devour it and get our picture on the wall. .. .. .. but, admitting defeat, we ate it, anyway.
Each of us could only handle 1, maybe 2, pieces before our guts were nearly bursting and our arteries clogging.

After we felt satiated, we boxed up the remainder of Old Ephraim and took it back to camp to show the others- and it was a nice joke for the rest of the weekend. (One of our guy friends wanted us to call him "Old Ephraim" for the remainder of the trip- I'll let you figure out why.)

Oh- and I'd give the pizza a 2 or 3. It really sucked. I guess they work so hard at making such a large pizza, they forget that they need to make it taste good.

If you didn't notice, the pictures are really crappy quality- my camera is still broken, so these were taken with my phone. I will post the lake pictures, later, when I get/steal them from my friends who were there with fully-functional cameras.

Look how cute she is in her princess swimsuit.
Notice how EMPTY the lake is?? And it was so warm. It was awesome. I'm telling you, you should be jealous.


the mom said...

I'm so sorry you had to fix your fixation with crappy pizza. There's just no excuse for that...

But sounds like it made for some entertainment, if nothing else : )

Janica said...

for whats its worth i am EXTREMELY jealous!! boo hoo...we will have to do something cool like that SOME DAY!! Zion rocked and that was oh so long ago.

Angelique said...

that is so awesome. love the pics of you with the pizza and kennedy with the pan. that is one ginormous pizza! too bad they forgot the flavor. sounds like a great trip. good for you.

melanie33 said...

I am heading up to bear lake in august. I guess now i am going to have to make a stop and try some sucky pizza. cause let's face it. sucky pizza is still pizza, right?

Lindsey said...

that pizza really looks sick. if you want a big pizza that is good you should get the big one from the pie. its yummy.
I'm a little disappointed to hear that you didnt eat it all though.

Lisa said...

I'm so glad you had fun at Bear Lake! I love it up there! We're going to try and go back up for the 24th of July! oh...and glad that you finally got some pizza - eventhough it was crappy pizza

Michelle said...

I just love the fact they named the pizza "old Ephraim" that is an excellent cat name by the way.

I want to travel with you.

wurstens5 said...

Looks fun. I would like to go up to bear lake again. Last time we went it was freeezing. I can't believe the size of that pizza. Crazy!!!

Janica said...

TAG! check out my blog...

Smiley Family said...

i LOVE pizza! So sorry yours was crappy! You really do deserve a grade "A" pizza after that let down.

Shopgirl1483 said...

that post made me laugh. esp when you say the pizza was filling your guts and clogging your arteries.

and brody calling himself old ephraim all weekend. AND claiming he was going to slap someone with a slice.

hah hah hah!