Saturday, January 5, 2008

Party hardy

We live in a basement apartment. When we first moved in, we found out that 4 college boys lived in the upstairs portion of the house, which would have been exciting if I were a few years younger and single. But anyway, at first we were somewhat skeptical, since we thought they would have many parties and would be very obnoxious. Turns out, we were right on the first account, wrong on the second. Well, I shouldn't say "many" parties... they only really have people over for birthdays and holidays and such. The good thing is, we've become really good friends with them and they invite us up to play. :)

The other night was one of the guys' birthdays- so we went up for a surprise party. I rarely take my camera with me (I can see my mom cringing as she reads that part), but luckily one of the guys at the party had one he took a LOT of pictures... and I stole them from his website. :) So... here are a few pictures from the party:

Shay, Me & Melanie

These are some of the upstairs boys- I guess we
were trying to fly off the couch.

I have no clue what I was doing here. But it's a lovely picture, don't you think?

Taylor & Justin

We were doing the Robot. To Britney Spears music.

Uh... ya. Don't ask.


Everybody was Kung-fu fighting! Ha! (well, at least I was)

Since Kennedy wasn't at the party, here's a picture of her in case you forgot how cute she is:


The Mom said...

This is fun - you get to go to parties in your own house, but don't have to clean up the next morning! Awesome!

Seriously, looks like you were having a blast.

And I had NOT forgotten how cute Kennedy is, but was delighted to see her darling "flapper" outfit...

Kristin said...

I love the Kung Fu Fighting pic. And I like your hair! I haven't seen it since you cut it.

When I lived in an apartment I had neighbors that had parties. I did not attend. Perhaps because I had difficulty mingling with strangers whose snoring I had to listen to all night. He lived below me, and would wake me up with his snoring... Drove me crazy. That and their cheering or booing at the football, baseball & basketball games they had taped on their VCR -- which they liked to watch at midnight.

I made an effort to like them. I just had so little reason, unfortunately. So while they did invite me down to their merry making once, I kept to myself.

Michelle said...

Ashley your hair looks great! When did you go brunette? I think this new haircut deserves a blog all its own.

You look so grown up, nice cut, it really looks good on you.

Kennedy is just too cute, seriously, she could be a model.

Oh ya, the party looked fun.

Ashley Rae said...

Mom- yes, it's very nice to have them upstairs, especially since we like them. Great that we don't have to think about driving home... just walking downstairs :)

Kris- Ya... it would be VERY annoying if we didn't like them. It's interesting that when your neighbors annoy you- every little sound they make pisses you off- and the loud noises make you want to strangle them. But if you like them, the noises don't bug you as much.

Michelle- Thanks on the hair! I like it, too. I cut/dyed it in November... I felt like I needed a change. And I'm glad I did.

I agree- I think Kennedy could be a model, too... but I could be quite bias. :)

Anonymous said...

I wish that I were young again and living under studs! instead I'm in a condo with a bunch of old lady duds!!
Kennedy is so adorable and so sweet, just like her mother!

Ashley Rae said...

Aw, thanks :)

Old ladies aren't all that bad- you could invite them over for a game of bingo!

The Mom said...

Can you really see your aunt kathy sitting around playing bingo with old ladies??? LOL.....

Ashley Rae said...

As long as Rum was involved, why not? ;)

coulsons said...

Ok your lil girl is so pretty! I luv the dress ups! I cant wait till Heather is dressing up too! ?I am so glad You have a blog too! wow my space-bloggin- email- so many things to keep in touch now!
Luv cami