Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Gingerbread house... now a gingerbread shack

Every year we make a Gingerbread House. This year was especially fun, because Kennedy was really involved in making it. She particularly loved "helping" put the frosting on.

Here's what it looked like when we were done:

Cute, huh? I was very proud of myself for making the icicles- it took major concentration.

We typically leave it out of reach of children, but in our current residence, we have limited shelf space, so we put it on the kitchen table. It was a very classy centerpiece.

Well, Kennedy of course couldn't resist the free candy that was adorning our beautiful centerpiece and, well... here's what the gingerbread house looked like about a week later:

Our gingerbread shack.


The Mom said...

It really was a pretty little gingerbread house... Now that it is partially eaten, maybe Kennedy could use it in her Dorothy role playing? It could be the house that gets caught in the tornado and lands on the witch....

OR... you could set up your own reinactment of a tsunami, or Hurricane..... watch it get destroyed in the wind and water : )

I'm feeling a bit demented tonight it seems....

The mom

Ashley Rae said...

lol- yes, that would be fun, albeit very messy.... lol
She would love the reinactment of the Wizard of Oz.

Demented isn't quite the word I was looking for, but I guess it works :)

Michelle said...

I liked how it looked after Kennedy ate off the candy...I love gingerbread houses! I wish I had the patience to make one.

LOL to the reinactment of a tsunami..

craigthegrey said...

looks to me like she missed a couple of pieces on the roof there... I would be glad to help her finish them off... I'm with Kennedy, candy is for eating, not constuction...