Sunday, August 17, 2014

Love and Vegas. And love in Vegas.

Remember how I got engaged? To be married?

Apparently when that happens, you're supposed to take pictures of how in love you are so that the world can be grossed out see.

We are lucky enough to know a really amazing photographer who would capture this display of love for us.  Here are some of the beautiful moments he was able to capture: 

See the love? (Either that, or my hair smells delicious. Or both. Definitely both.)

Our photographer did such an amazing job. So creative. I can't wait to see how our wedding photos turned out!!

Anyway. After you get engaged, and before you get married, I guess you're supposed to go celebrate your last days of being single...or something? I think it's actually just an excuse to go on a trip with your girl friends (or guy friends). I felt no need to argue with this "bachelorette party" tradition.

Some of my closest girl friends decided to pack up and take me on a road trip to sunny Las Vegas. 

Aren't my friends beautiful? Gosh, they really, really are. Inside and out.

We had a lot of fun. Something interesting about Las Vegas is how many people party way too hard and then carelessly pass out in the middle of the casino, with no regard of their surroundings. Their lack of good judgment was the highlight of our evening. We walked around and took pictures of ourselves with the poor, unsuspecting sleepy-heads.

This guy woke up shortly after this was taken.. He was very confused.

We also hung out at the pool. A lot.

And took cute pictures. 

We went to visit my then soon-to-be brother in-law at his restaurant.

My new sister and my bestie friend. Awww.

I love these girls so freaking much. They have such beautiful hearts and souls. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have them in my life.

And I couldn't imagine a better way to celebrate my "last days" as a single woman than with these amazing friends.

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Desiree said...

Cute pictures Ashley! Looks like such a fun time. I am jealous of all the good girlfriends you have in your life. How lucky are you? For real. And you look great! Can't wait to see the wedding pictures...;)