Wednesday, August 14, 2013


I love my family. I love my friends. I love to travel. So it would make sense to travel with both my family AND my friends.  

Done and done.

In May (yes, 3 months ago), we met up with my best friend (a/k/a platonic life partner), Ashley, and her wonderful little family, in Los Angeles.  

We split up the drive and stayed one night with Casey's wonderful sister, Emily, in Las Vegas. We love spending time with her sweet little baby girl, Julietta! (And she adores Kennedy, of course.)

Once we arrived in Calfornia, Kennedy and the girls played themselves silly until they passed out.

The next morning- Disneyland!!  Ok. So Kennedy has been "over" princesses for a few year, now. She thinks that she is way too cool and too old to like princesses.  Well, that morning, she saw Ivy and Kaia wearing very darling princess dresses, and she started feeling sad that she didn't have one to wear.  Luckily, the girls had an extra white dress, and Kennedy decided to wear it and be Rapunzel for the day.  I loved seeing her tap into her inner little girl. :)

We went first thing in the morning, and the girls were able to dance with Alice and the Mad Hatter, all by themselves.

They of course met Merida. 

And hung out in Toon Town.

Chilled with my main man, Mickey.

We had some adult fun on Splash Mountain.

The girls posed as statues in their beautiful princess dresses.

They rode in the teacups. I avoided them because I don't like throwing up.

K tried to pull the sword out of the stone. She failed. I guess she's not the heir to the throne.

I guess Casey isn't, either.

 Before we left, we needed on final picture.  Ashley and I had been to Disneyland together once before, back when we were 14/15.  I'm taking you back to 1997.  (Don't you just love the tube socks? I sure do.)

We recreated the picture as best as we could remember.
 Close enough.

When we got back to the hotel, after some swimming, the girls played "Let's climb on Casey." It was fun for all.

There's a rule somewhere that you cannot be within 30 minutes of a beach and not go to the beach.  So of course we had to go.

And I'm getting sick of writing commentary.  So just enjoy the pictures.

We had such a great time! I am so glad Kennedy and the twins get along so well. She tells everyone they are either her sisters or her cousins, depending on the day. :)

We may have to make this an annual thing...

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