Wednesday, June 19, 2013

To sum it up.

Hey guys! Remember me? I used to write on this blog. Hi.

I want to tell you all about our recent trip to Disneyland!! First, however, I must finish my account of Bali.  Finally.

In my last Bali post, I mentioned that we went to the Bali Zoo. (You can read my mother's record of it here.)

Well, we did. And here are pictures to prove it.

When you first enter the zoo, they take your picture (with their camera) with a cool white parrot. But if you ask them to take a picture with YOUR camera, they take the parrot away.
Free picture = No parrot.

For some reason, the random Christmas decorations seemed out of place. But they were lovely, nevertheless.

Funky bird with a growth on his forehead. Although I don't think he can see it.

This bird tried to eat my super, super, expensive ($5) sunglasses.

I guess they like shiny things. This one tried to eat Kennedy's bracelet.

Aysia couldn't understand why the girls were grossed out by the cute little boy statue.

A pony!

These blondies sure look like they're related, don't they?

There were SO many other pictures of the zoo. But I have more important and interesting things to show you.  Have you ever had fish nibble at your feet? I hadn't, either. It was quite the experience. It felt like electricity was buzzing through my feet/ankles while the fish were eating off the dead skin. (Gross, right?)
Apparently Fish Spas are pretty common in other parts of the world.  Who knew?

On New Year's Day, we had our second - and last :( - beach day. We headed to Lovina Beach, which was a black sand beach.  The weather was not very accommodating for beaching, unfortunately.

On the drive there, we saw monkeys hanging out on the side of the road.
Picture with the monkeys!

When we arrived, there was a downpour, so we hung out at a restaurant and ate some lunch until the sky cleared.  We finally had a few minutes to play.  It's a good thing I got my sun-loving-warm-weather beach day in, because there was none of that, here.  Also, since the night before had been New Year's Eve, and because there had been a storm, all of the debris from the fireworks had been blown around and washed up all over the shore. So it was pretty filthy.

However, the sand was still REALLY cool. 

And even though it was dirty, rainy, cold, and un-lay-out-able, it was still a BEACH. And I loved it.

Looks like a successful trip to the beach, to me. (Before they fell asleep, there was a lot of complaining. "She's leaning on me!" "Her knee is in my face!" "I can't get comfortable!"  *Sigh. Sleeping children are the best, aren't they?)

Living on opposite sides of the world, my brother and I don't get to have "sibling time" very often.  It ends up being about once a year. Which might be often enough if you didn't like each other. But it's not nearly often enough for us. So we make sure that when we ARE together, we take some time where just the two of us can go and have a little bro-sis time. We took a ride on the cool little scooter...

(this scooter)

... and rode on a very narrow (and dangerous) pathway, to a nice little restaurant in the middle of some cool rice fields.  Great food, beautiful view, and amazing company. It was a much needed date. For both of us. :)

Finally, our wonderful Bali Family Christmas and New Year Adventure (BFCNYA) had come to an end.  We woke up in the morning and had breakfast at our usual table (outside, next to the pool. Yes, that is where we ate nearly every morning, unless it was raining. Then we ate inside). 

We said our goodbyes... 

Goodbye, family. I miss you. See you soon. (Let's do another BFCNYA again, this year!)


Irene said...

AW such beautiful happy memories you have. Thanks for sharing them with us.

paul said...

sounds like a great trip. I bet the girls will remember it forever, and you all too. I understand the part about needing more time with family. I get very little. It's like there lives are going on without me. That's certainly OK but not what I had visioned.

Jennifer said...

It was so fun to have you guys here! I love all those photos of the girls. ❤

the mom said...

Oh, this made me want to go back and spend another 2 weeks with all my progeny. It was such a wonderful adventure and time together.


But soon we'll be together in the exotic and exciting town of Salt Lake City! (the most perfect place on earth... the warlords are friendly... and the roofs are thatched with gold)

Brandon said...

You took long to write. I took long to comment. Oops. :)
OOHH! Such fun times. I miss seeing you, Ashley. And I miss having you hear in Bali with us. We've got to do this again. Next week we'll be leaving this house for good, though, but I'm sure we'll find another nice place when we get back.

Looking forward to seeing you in another 1.47 months!