Monday, November 12, 2012

The day after the first day.

After getting mauled by wild animals the safari adventure earlier that day, we continued on through Shenandoah Valley. And let me just say...Virginia is beautiful. Many of you who have lived/visited back East are probably all "Well yeah. Duh, Ashley. Of course." But wow. I had no idea. I've visited a lot of beautiful places, and this is now near the top of my list. 

This picture was taken right from the freeway (hence the blurriness).

So was this.

And there was even more beauty through the canyon.

But wait- there's more!

And more.

Okay. Enough scenery for now.

Anyway, we ended up finding our way to a cute little bed and breakfast in Hot Springs, Virginia, to rest our pretty little heads for the night.

We had dinner at a nice restaurant in town and then stayed here for the night. It was very charming. Woke up to fresh breakfast in the morning and went on a little walk to see the grounds (which included old slave quarters, beautiful scenery and all sorts of barn animals. Pretty cool.).

Casey felt like he hadn't gotten up close and personal with enough random animals, yet- so he made friends with a goat.

There were some nice little chairs by the river. They were wetter than I had expected.

After leaving Shenandoah Valley, we appeased Casey and Dean by going to a UVA football game!

Finally, the last activity of the evening was going to Monticello - Thomas Jefferson's plantation.
Purdy, huh?

I love this tree.

Casey stood in Thomas Jefferson's thinking spot, hoping for an epiphany.

Epiphany: You can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose. But you can't pick your friend's nose. Unless that friend happens to be a bronze statue of Thomas Jefferson.

On the drive back up to Norfolk, we had to stop for more scenic pictures, of course.

So freaking gorgeous. (So is the scenery. Haha- man, I'm funny.)

Lastly, since I'm sure you have missed seeing pictures of Kennedy, here she is.

We went out on a mommy-daughter date, this evening, and got pedicures!

The lady doing her pedicure loved her so much that she gave her extra special flowers on her toes.

Happy feet!


Wrights said...

Duh, Ashley, of course it's beautiful. Although everyone that doesn't live in Utah think it's all super beautiful too. I just don't see it.
You guys were there at the prettiest time of year - fall back East is the best.

Sara B. Larson said...

I've always wanted to go back east during the fall. Well, the northeast--there weren't any fall leaves in Florida. ;) Absolutely gorgeous! And look at how big Kennedy is! So cute!!

Jennifer said...

Yes, I agree, all photos with you in them are especially gorgeous. :) Those fall leaves do add an extra special touch though, I'll admit. I would love to see all those colors in person someday too.

Brandon said...

Beautiful!!! "I've never been to Boston in the Fall" or anywhere back east. Looks lovely. And I love your photo captions. You are so very entertaining.

the mom said...

You have very long toes.

Autumn in the east sounds wonderful... so glad you snapped lots of photos (and texted them to me :)

Love the adventures you've been enjoying...

Raising Helm said...

You are quite the travelin' lady my friend. How fun! I am glad you got to see some beautiful country, animals and even a little educational note on the side. Oh and we can't forget...those purdy littl feet. For some reason the idea of you "loving your toes" comes to mind. Am I right? You are a cutie. Keep smiling!