Tuesday, November 27, 2012


November is almost over. Whaaaa?? I know. Crazy, right? This year has flown by.  Last year, for each day of November, I wrote what I was thankful for on my blog. Since the month is nearly over, I missed my chance to do that again, this year.  Bummer. However, just like last year, I have a plethora of things for which I am grateful, and I'd still like to list them on here.  Also, because it's been a while since I've spewed my randomness at you, I'm going to mix it up by adding a bit of other various thoughts. Because that's what I do.

(I am well aware that I still need to finish the account of my east coast trip. Consider this an intermission.)

-  I am thankful for Kennedy.  Holy heavens, that girl is a sweetheart! She brightens my life like nothing else in this world.

-  I'm thankful for my health.

-  I'm thankful for cute kid's movies.

-  I'm thankful for music.

- To go along with Kennedy being a sweetheart, I'll share with you some of her latest artwork. I brought her into work with me last week, and she made a picture for me to put on my wall.
I smile every time I see it.

She also made this for me a few weeks ago:

It's my head. With some of my earrings. The resemblance is uncanny, isn't it?

- Pizza is still my favorite food. But Thai has been coming in as a close second, lately. YUM.

- So I'm thankful for pizza. And Thai food. Especially Massaman curry. *drool

- I'm thankful for Casey. I am thankful for how he treats me. And for how he treats Kennedy. I'm VERY thankful for how patient he is with me- and how understanding he is of where I am in life. He is pretty amazing.

- I am thankful for my friends. The ones I see all of the time, the ones I just connect with through the cyber world, the ones I only talk to occasionally, and the ones I haven't talked to in ages. I love you all.

-  I took Kennedy tailgating at the U game a few weeks ago with some of our friends. It was COLD and RAINY, but that doesn't stop us from having fun.

-  I'm thankful for Casey's family. We went and had Thanksgiving dinner up in Pocatello with them. They are so welcoming, loving, friendly, accepting and fun.  I always have a great time with them.

-  While in Pocatello, we took the color personality test.  I found out I'm a yellow/white personality, with a little bit of blue, and almost no red.  Sounds about right.  Casey is mostly red, then a good mix of yellow/blue, and only a little bit of white.  I guess opposites attract :)

-  Last night we went to the Jazz game. Kennedy LOVED it. The people behind us gave her their jazz towel that they had caught because they said she was the "most enthusiastic Jazz fan" they'd ever seen (she must have some yellow personality in there).

-  I've been cleaning out my inboxes, recently. It's always interesting to reminisce.  Funny how reading old emails can bring up so many different types of emotions.

-  I'm thankful for my family. Mom, brother, dad, nieces, sister in-law, other extended family, etc. Holidays are the best because that's when we actually get to see each other.

-  I am thankful for my job.

-  I am thankful for Ashlee. And for her little girls. Man, I love them. I also love how much Kennedy loves them. And that even though she thinks princesses are "for babies," she will still play dress up with them.

-  I am thankful for the choices I've made in my life and that they've brought me to where I am, today.

-  I've spent this entire year with the goal of "finding myself." I think I've done a pretty good job. Although, really- we are constantly changing, so once we "find" ourselves, we probably have to continue to rediscover who we are, right?  But for now, I've discovered that I'm yellow/white, a little blue and a hint of red. And I really like pizza and Ben and Jerry's ice cream.

Happy end of November, everyone!


the mom said...

I love that I knew with of the scores in your personality test were for which colors before you even told me. I love that you are a sunny, yellow personality that totally fits your Ashley Rae of Sunshine name perfectly.

And that you're raising another Rae of sunshine.... who is her own person, but still sunny and sweet.

This has been a good year for you. And next year will be even better. My friend who is into astrology and numerology says that 2012 was a year for changes. 2013 is a year for growth. Bring it on.

BTW, Casey is still mother approved.

Jennifer said...

I've been working a lot on finding myself this year too. It seems like it should be easy since here I am with myself all the time, right? But I think it has a lot to do with paying attention to myself in new ways, like noticing my thoughts and feelings that I might normally ignore. It feels great to be more authentic with myself and others in the process.

Brandon said...

Love the picture of Kennedy as a princess -- a very "cool" princess. Emily is also concerned about people thinking she's a "baby", but sometimes plays along.

I always thought I knew myself, but have discovered this year that I've only scratched the surface, and have many layers to go. Here's to further understanding and growth and change in the months ahead!

So excited to see you in a few weeks!!!

Raising Helm said...

You're just so cute! Love the list. Love the pictures and esp. Kennedy and the princess pic. hilarious! Glad you are enjoying life. You have always been a bright person and I AM THANKFUL FOR YOU! totally yellow:) love ya!

Sarah Jane said...

That's a good list of things to be grateful for. This year has been a good year and it's nice you have Casey in it! :)

Irene said...

Great list of what your thankful for. I'm happy you have had a good year and looking forward to 2013.
Always love to read what you write..you always make me smile.
Love the picture Kennedy drew for you. You both looked so beautiful with the long eyelashes. Kennedy is getting to be quite the artist.
Love you and your sunny personality and so grateful YOU are my granddaughter.

paul said...

Loved this post. a couple things that stuck out for me is Kennedy's rainbow pic. I have one hanging in the downstairs hall that Chris finger painted when he was 5. It's one of my favorite things.
I also have a comment about "finding yourself". For me it was more letting go of who you think you're supposed to be.

Sara said...

It looks like you have a lot of wonderful people, things, and food in your life to be thankful for. I'm so glad that you are doing so well and that you're truly discovering yourself and what makes you happy. :-) Hope you have a great Christmas!

Ashley Rae said...

@Paul- I love the idea of letting go of who you think you are supposed to be. It goes along well with letting go of how you think your life is supposed to be :)