Friday, September 7, 2012

Magic hair? Maybe. Or just good music.

Here's another plug for my buddy Ryan.  (Remember? The musician with long hair which Kristin asked if he could cut?) Well, his album has now been released. The good news is I have it, and it's excellent. It is currently in my CD player in the car. I've been jamming out.  The bad news (well, according to my aunt Kristin) is that he still hasn't cut his hair.  But maybe it's his long hair that gives him such great musical abilities. Kind of like Samson of old.

Either way, long or short hair, his album is out and it's gooood. I told him that. And guess what? He told me I can offer my friends a FREE download of one of his songs!! Just let me know if'n you want one and I'll get that set up for you.

In the meantime, go here:, and you can listen to a few of his songs and maybe purchase the rest of the album. (The added bonus is that you'd be supporting him and his beautiful wife and gorgeous new little baby girl. It's a worthy cause.)

Lastly, for any of you Calfornians, he has a show coming up on September 22 at the WitZend Live in Venice. (Yes, that's Calfornia. Not Italy.)


Amber perry said...

So funny! I think I grew up with Ryan Darton's wife. Small world!

Ashley Rae said...

Oh crazy! It is indeed a small world :)